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  • وهم آن کز مار باشد این صریر  ** که همی‌جنبد بتندی از حصیر 
  • Putabat enim illum susurrum ab angue exortum esse qui sese e storea vehementer sublevaret. [His suspicion (was) that this grating sound was from a snake that was violently moving (out) from (beneath) the straw mat.]
  • خنده گرفتن آن کنیزک را از ضعف شهوت خلیفه و قوت شهوت آن امیر و فهم کردن خلیفه از خنده‌ی کنیزک 
  • Puellam risus occupat propter libidinem Klalífae debilem et libidinem illius ducis validissimam. Khalífa puellae risum animadvertit. [How laughter took hold of the maidservant because of the weakness of the Caliph’s lust and the strength of the captain’s lust, and how the Caliph understood the maidservant’s laughter.]
  • زن بدید آن سستی او از شگفت  ** آمد اندر قهقهه خنده‌ش گرفت 
  • Femina languorem ejus vidit; rem mirando in cachinnos ivit: risus eam occupavit. [The woman saw his softness; from astonishment, she started to burst out laughing: laughter took hold of her.]
  • یادش آمد مردی آن پهلوان  ** که بکشت او شیر و اندامش چنان 
  • Venit in mentem virilatas ducis fortissimi qui leonem interfecit dum membrum (virile) ejus tale est. [She remembered the virility of the (courageous) Captain who killed the lion, with his (male) organ like that.]
  • غالب آمد خنده‌ی زن شد دراز  ** جهد می‌کرد و نمی‌شد لب فراز 
  • The woman's laughter overpowered (her) and was prolonged: she tried hard (to suppress it) but her lips would not shut.
  • سخت می‌خندید هم‌چون بنگیان  ** غالب آمد خنده بر سود و زیان  3950
  • She kept laughing violently like beng-eaters: her laughter overpowered (all considerations of) gain or loss.
  • هرچه اندیشید خنده می‌فزود  ** هم‌چو بند سیل ناگاهان گشود 
  • Everything that she thought of (only) increased her laughter, as (when) a flood-gate is suddenly opened.
  • گریه و خنده غم و شادی دل  ** هر یکی را معدنی دان مستقل 
  • Weeping and laughter and sorrow and joy of heart—know that each one (of them) has an independent source.
  • هر یکی را مخزنی مفتاح آن  ** ای برادر در کف فتاح دان 
  • Each one has a (particular) store-house: know, O brother, that the key thereof is in the hand of the Opener.
  • هیچ ساکن می‌نشد آن خنده زو  ** پس خلیفه طیره گشت و تندخو 
  • Her laughter was never ceasing: then the Caliph became enraged and fierce.
  • زود شمشیر از غلافش بر کشید  ** گفت سر خنده واگو ای پلید  3955
  • He quickly drew his scimitar from its sheath and said, “Declare the secret cause of thy laughter, O foul (woman)!