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  • هفت مصحف آن زمان برهم نهاد  ** خورد سوگند و چنین تقریر داد 
  • At the same moment he placed seven Qur’áns one on the top of another and swore an oath and thus confirmed (his promise).
  • فاش کردن آن کنیزک آن راز را با خلیفه از زخم شمشیر و اکراه خلیفه کی راست گو سبب این خنده را و گر نه بکشمت 
  • How the girl disclosed the secret to the Caliph in fear of (having her head cut off by) a blow of the sword, and how she was forced (to speak) by the Caliph (who said), “Give a true account of the cause of thy laughter or else I will kill thee.”
  • زن چو عاجز شد بگفت احوال را  ** مردی آن رستم صد زال را  3965
  • When the woman became (found herself) helpless, she related what had happened (concerning) the manliness of that Rustam who was the son of a hundred Záls.
  • شرح آن گردک که اندر راه بود  ** یک به یک با آن خلیفه وا نمود 
  • She described to the Caliph, point by point, the bride-chamber that was (prepared for her) on the route (of the march),
  • شیر کشتن سوی خیمه آمدن  ** وان ذکر قایم چو شاخ کرگدن 
  • His killing the lion and returning to the tent pene erecto tanquam cornu rhinocerotis; [His killing the lion and returning to the tent with the penis erect like the horn of a rhinoceros;]
  • باز این سستی این ناموس‌کوش  ** کو فرو مرد از یکی خش خشت موش 
  • Contra, hujus (membri) ambitiosi debilatatem quod ob unum muris susurrum succidit. [(And) again, the weakness of the ambitious one (the male organ) that collapsed (as though) dead because of the rustling of a mouse.]
  • رازها را می‌کند حق آشکار  ** چون بخواهد رست تخم بد مکار 
  • God is ever making the hidden things manifest: since they will grow up, do not sow bad seed.
  • آب و ابر و آتش و این آفتاب  ** رازها را می برآرد از تراب  3970
  • Rain and clouds and fire and this sun are ever bringing up the hidden things from the earth.
  • این بهار نو ز بعد برگ‌ریز  ** هست برهان وجود رستخیز 
  • This new springtide after the fall of the leaves is a proof of the existence of the Resurrection.
  • در بهار آن سرها پیدا شود  ** هر چه خوردست این زمین رسوا شود 
  • In spring the secrets are revealed: whatsoever this Earth has eaten is exposed to view.
  • بر دمد آن از دهان و از لبش  ** تا پدید آید ضمیر و مذهبش 
  • It shoots up from her mouth and lips in order that she may bring to light her hidden mind and way.