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  • که جزا اظهار جرم من بود  ** کز سیاست دزدیم ظاهر شود 
  • For it would be retribution to disclose my sin, so that my thievery (rascality) should be made manifest by punishment.”
  • عزم کردن شاه چون واقف شد بر آن خیانت کی بپوشاند و عفو کند و او را به او دهد و دانست کی آن فتنه جزای او بود و قصد او بود و ظلم او بر صاحب موصل کی و من اساء فعلیها و ان ربک لبالمرصاد و ترسیدن کی اگر انتقام کشد آن انتقام هم بر سر او آید چنانک این ظلم و طمع بر سرش آمد 
  • How the monarch, on being acquainted with that act of treachery, resolved to conceal and pardon it and give her (the slave-girl) to him (the captain), and recognised that the tribulation was a punishment inflicted on him and was (the result of) his attempt (to obtain the slave-girl) and the wrong which he had done to the lord of Mawsil; for “and whoso doeth evil, it is against himself” and “lo, thy Lord is on the watch”; and how he feared that, if he should avenge himself, the vengeance would recoil on his own head, as this injustice and greed (of his) had (already) recoiled upon him.
  • شاه با خود آمد استغفار کرد  ** یاد جرم و زلت و اصرار کرد  3995
  • The monarch came to himself. He asked pardon (of God) and confessed his sin and lapse and persistence (in wrong-doing).
  • گفت با خود آنچ کردم با کسان  ** شد جزای آن به جان من رسان 
  • He said to himself, “The retribution for what I did to certain persons has reached (overtaken) my soul.
  • قصد جفت دیگران کردم ز جاه  ** بر من آمد آن و افتادم به چاه 
  • From (pride of) power I made an attempt on the concubine of another: that (injustice) recoiled upon me and I fell into the pit (which I had dug).
  • من در خانه‌ی کسی دیگر زدم  ** او در خانه‌ی مرا زد لاجرم 
  • I knocked at the door of another person's house: consequently he knocked at the door of my house.”
  • هر که با اهل کسان شد فسق‌جو  ** اهل خود را دان که قوادست او 
  • Whoever seeks to commit adultery with (other) people's wives, know that he is a pimp to his own wife;
  • زانک مثل آن جزای آن شود  ** چون جزای سیه مثلش بود  4000
  • For that (adultery) is requited by the like, since the retribution for an evil act is an act like unto it.
  • چون سبب کردی کشیدی سوی خویش  ** مثل آن را پس تو دیوثی و بیش 
  • Inasmuch as you have made a cord and pulled one like it towards yourself, you are a wittol and worse.
  • غصب کردم از شه موصل کنیز  ** غصب کردند از من او را زود نیز 
  • “I took the king of Mawsil's concubine from him by force, (so) she was soon taken by force from me too.
  • او کامین من بد و لالای من  ** خاینش کرد آن خیانتهای من 
  • My treacherous deeds made a traitor of him who was my trusted friend and servant.