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  • سر بر آر و ملک بین زنده و جلیل  ** ای شده غره به مصر و رود نیل  4125
  • Lift up thy head and behold the living and majestic kingdom, O thou who hast been deluded by Egypt and the river Nile.
  • گر تو ترک این نجس خرقه کنی  ** نیل را در نیل جان غرقه کنی 
  • If thou wilt take leave of this filthy tattered cloak, thou wilt drown the (bodily) Nile in the Nile of the spirit.
  • هین بدار از مصر ای فرعون دست  ** در میان مصر جان صد مصر هست 
  • Hark, O Pharaoh, hold thy hand from (renounce) Egypt: there are a hundred Egypts within the Egypt of the Spirit.
  • تو انا رب همی‌گویی به عام  ** غافل از ماهیت این هر دو نام 
  • Thou sayest to the vulgar, ‘I am a Lord,’ being unaware of the essential natures of both these names.
  • رب بر مربوب کی لرزان بود  ** کی انادان بند جسم و جان بود 
  • How should a Lord be trembling (with hope or fear) for that which is lorded over? How should one who knows ‘I’ be in bondage to body and soul?
  • نک انا ماییم رسته از انا  ** از انای پر بلای پر عنا  4130
  • Lo, we are (the real) ‘I,’ having been freed from (the unreal) ‘I,’ from the ‘I’ that is full of tribulation and trouble.
  • آن انایی بر تو ای سگ شوم بود  ** در حق ما دولت محتوم بود 
  • To thee, O cur, that ‘I’-hood was baleful, (but) in regard to us it was irreversibly ordained felicity.
  • گر نبودیت این انایی کینه‌کش  ** کی زدی بر ما چنین اقبال خوش 
  • Unless thou hadst had this vindictive ‘I’-hood, how should such fortune have bidden us welcome?
  • شکر آنک از دار فانی می‌رهیم  ** بر سر این دار پندت می‌دهیم 
  • In thanksgiving for our deliverance from the perishable abode we are (now) admonishing thee on this gallows.
  • دار قتل ما براق رحلتست  ** دار ملک تو غرور و غفلتست 
  • The gallows (dár) on which we are killed is the Buráq on which we ride (to Heaven); the abode (dár) possessed by thee is delusion and heedlessness.