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  • این گروه مجرمان هم ای مجید  ** جمله سرهاشان به دیواری رسید 
  • (Ayáz said), “This company of sinners likewise, O glorious (King)—all their heads have come against a wall.
  • بر خطا و جرم خود واقف شدند  ** گرچه مات کعبتین شه بدند  4190
  • They have become aware of their fault and sin, although they were defeated by the King's two dice.
  • رو به تو کردند اکنون اه‌کنان  ** ای که لطفت مجرمان را ره‌کنان 
  • Now they turn their faces towards thee, uttering cries of lamentation. O thou whose clemency is making way for sinners,
  • راه ده آلودگان را العجل  ** در فرات عفو و عین مغتسل 
  • Speedily grant the defiled ones admission into the Euphrates of (thy) pardon and the fountain (which is) a (cool) washing-place,
  • تا که غسل آرند زان جرم دراز  ** در صف پاکان روند اندر نماز 
  • That they may wash themselves clean of that prolonged sin and join in prayer among the ranks of the purified—
  • اندر آن صفها ز اندازه برون  ** غرقگان نور نحن الصافون 
  • Among those innumerable ranks plunged in the light of ‘We are they that stand in line.’”
  • چون سخن در وصف این حالت رسید  ** هم قلم بشکست و هم کاغذ درید  4195
  • When the discourse reached the description of this (exalted) state, at once the pen broke and the paper tore.
  • بحر را پیمود هیچ اسکره‌ای  ** شیر را برداشت هرگز بره‌ای 
  • Did any saucer measure the sea? Did a lamb ever carry off a lion?
  • گر حجابستت برون رو ز احتجاب  ** تا ببینی پادشاهی عجاب 
  • If you are veiled, go forth from enveilment, that you may behold the marvellous sovereignty (of God).
  • گرچه بشکستند حامت قوم مست  ** آنک مست از تو بود عذریش هست 
  • Although the drunken fellows broke Thy cup, (yet) there is an excuse for him that is intoxicated by Thee.