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  • طبع مسکینت مجصص از هنر  ** هم‌چو نخل موم بی‌برگ و ثمر 
  • Thy miserable nature is plastered with virtues, like a palm-tree of wax without (real) leaves and fruit.
  • در بیان آنک لطف حق را همه کس داند و قهر حق را همه کس داند و همه از قهر حق گریزانند و به لطف حق در آویزان اما حق تعالی قهرها را در لطف پنهان کرد و لطفها را در قهر پنهان کرد نعل بازگونه و تلبیس و مکرالله بود تا اهل تمیز و ینظر به نور الله از حالی‌بینان و ظاهربینان جدا شوند کی لیبلوکم ایکم احسن عملا 
  • Explaining that every one knows the mercy of God, and every one knows the wrath of God; and all are fleeing from the wrath of God and clinging to the mercy of God; but the Most High God has concealed wraths in mercy and mercies in wrath. This is God's mystification and disguise and contrivance to the end that the discerning who see by the Light of God may be separated from those who see (only) the present and the visible; for (He created death and life) that He might try you, which of you is most righteous in his works.
  • گفت درویشی به درویشی که تو  ** چون بدیدی حضرت حق را بگو  420
  • One dervish said to another, “Tell (me), what was thy vision of the Presence of God?”
  • گفت بی‌چون دیدم اما بهر قال  ** بازگویم مختصر آن را مثال 
  • He replied, “My vision was ineffable; but for the sake of argument I will briefly declare a parable thereof.
  • دیدمش سوی چپ او آذری  ** سوی دست راست جوی کوثری 
  • I beheld Him with a fire on His left, and on the right a stream (like) Kawthar:
  • سوی چپش بس جهان‌سوز آتشی  ** سوی دست راستش جوی خوشی 
  • On His left an exceedingly world-consuming fire, on His right hand a sweet river.
  • سوی آن آتش گروهی برده دست  ** بهر آن کوثر گروهی شاد و مست 
  • One party put forth their hands towards the fire, (while) another party were rejoicing and intoxicated (with desire) for that Kawthar.
  • لیک لعب بازگونه بود سخت  ** پیش پای هر شقی و نیکبخت  425
  • But ’twas a very topsy-turvy (mystifying) game in the path of every one doomed to perdition or blessed with salvation.
  • هر که در آتش همی رفت و شرر  ** از میان آب بر می‌کرد سر 
  • Whoever went into the fire and sparks was emerging from the midst of the water;
  • هر که سوی آب می‌رفت از میان  ** او در آتش یافت می‌شد در زمان 
  • Whoever went from the middle towards the water, he was at once found to be in the fire;
  • هر که سوی راست شد و آب زلال  ** سر ز آتش بر زد از سوی شمال 
  • Whoever went towards the right (hand) and the limpid water would put forth his head from the fire on the left;