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  • سر ببر این چار مرغ زنده را  ** سر مدی کن خلق ناپاینده را 
  • Cut off the heads of these four live birds and make everlasting the creatures that are not enduring for ever.
  • بط و طاوسست و زاغست و خروس  ** این مثال چار خلق اندر نفوس 
  • There is the duck and the peacock and the crow and the cock: these are a parable of the four (evil) dispositions in (human) souls.
  • بط حرصست و خروس آن شهوتست  ** جاه چون طاوس و زاغ امنیتست 
  • The duck is greed, and the cock is lust; eminence is like the peacock, and the crow is (worldly) desire.
  • منیتش آن که بود اومیدساز  ** طامع تابید یا عمر دراز  45
  • His (the crow's) object of desire is this, that he forms hopes and wishes for immortality or long life.
  • بط حرص آمد که نولش در زمین  ** در تر و در خشک می‌جوید دفین 
  • The duck is greed, for her bill is always in the ground, seeking what is buried in the wet and dry.
  • یک زمان نبود معطل آن گلو  ** نشنود از حکم جز امر کلوا 
  • That gullet (of hers) is never idle for a moment: it hearkens unto naught of the (Divine) ordinance save the command “Eat ye!”
  • هم‌چو یغماجیست خانه می‌کند  ** زود زود انبان خود پر می‌کند 
  • ’Tis like the looter who digs up (ravages) the house and very quickly fills his bag,
  • اندر انبان می‌فشارد نیک و بد  ** دانه‌های در و حبات نخود 
  • Cramming into the bag good and bad (indifferently), single pearls and chickpeas,
  • تا مبادا یاغیی آید دگر  ** می‌فشارد در جوال او خشک و تر  50
  • Cramming dry and wet into the sack, for fear lest another enemy should arrive.
  • وقت تنگ و فرصت اندک او مخوف  ** در بغل زد هر چه زودتر بی‌وقوف 
  • Time presses, the opportunity is small, he is terrified: without delay he heaves it under his arm as speedily as possible.