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  • که کمینه‌ی آن کمین باشد بقا  ** تا ابد اندر عروج و ارتقا 
  • Of which hiding-place the least (treasure) is everlasting life (occupied) in ascending and mounting higher.
  • در بیان آنک هیچ چشم بدی آدمی را چنان مهلک نیست کی چشم پسند خویشتن مگر کی چشم او مبدل شده باشد به نور حق که بی یسمع و بی یبصر و خویشتن او بی‌خویشتن شده 
  • Explaining that no evil eye is so deadly to a man as the eye of self-approval, unless his eye shall have been transformed by the Light of God, so that “he hears through Me and sees through Me,” and (unless) his self shall have become selfless.
  • پر طاوست مبین و پای بین  ** تا که س العین نگشاید کمین 
  • Do not regard thy peacock-feathers but regard thy feet, in order that the mischief of the (evil) eye may not waylay thee;
  • که بلغزد کوه از چشم بدان  ** یزلقونک از نبی بر خوان بدان 
  • For (even) a mountain slips (from its foundations) at the eye of the wicked: read and mark in the Qur’án (the words) they cause thee to stumble.
  • احمد چون کوه لغزید از نظر  ** در میان راه بی‌گل بی‌مطر  500
  • From (their) looking (at him), Ahmad (Mohammed), (who was) like a mountain, slipped in the middle of the road, without mud and without rain.
  • در عجب درماند کین لغزش ز چیست  ** من نپندارم که این حالت تهیست 
  • He remained in astonishment, saying, “Wherefore is this slipping? I do not think that this occurrence is empty (of meaning),”
  • تا بیامد آیت و آگاه کرد  ** کان ز چشم بد رسیدت وز نبرد 
  • Until the Verse (of the Qur’án) came and made him aware that this had happened to him in consequence of the evil eye and enmity (of the unbelievers).
  • گر بدی غیر تو در دم لا شدی  ** صید چشم و سخره‌ی افنا شدی 
  • (God said to the Prophet), “Had it been any one except thee, he would at once have been annihilated: he would have become the prey of the (evil) eye and in thrall to destruction;
  • لیک آمد عصمتی دامن‌کشان  ** وین که لغزیدی بد از بهر نشان 
  • But there came (from Me) a protection, sweeping along (majestically), and thy slipping was (only) for a sign.”
  • عبرتی گیر اندر آن که کن نگاه  ** برگ خود عرضه مکن ای کم ز کاه  505
  • Take a warning, look on that mountain, and do not expose thy (petty) leaf (to destruction), O thou who art less than a straw.
  • تفسیر و ان یکاد الذین کفروا لیزلقونک بابصارهم الایه 
  • Commentary on “And verily those who disbelieve wellnigh cause thee to slip by their (malignant) eyes.”
  • یا رسول‌الله در آن نادی کسان  ** می‌زنند از چشم بد بر کرکسان 
  • “O Messenger of Allah, some persons in that assembly (of the unbelievers) smite with their (evil) eye the vultures (flying aloft).