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  • سبق رحمت‌راست و او از رحمتست  ** چشم بد محصول قهر و لعنتست 
  • (Divine) mercy has the precedence (over Divine wrath): it (the good eye) is (derived) from (Divine) mercy, (while) the evil eye is the product of (Divine) wrath and execration.
  • رحمتش بر نقمتش غالب شود  ** چیره زین شد هر نبی بر ضد خود  515
  • His (God's) mercy overcomes His vengeance: hence every prophet prevailed over his adversary;
  • کو نتیجه‌ی رحمتست و ضد او  ** از نتیجه‌ی قهر بود آن زشت‌رو 
  • For he (the prophet) is the result of (Divine) mercy and is the opposite of him (the adversary): that ill-favoured one was the result of (Divine) wrath.
  • حرص بط یکتاست این پنجاه تاست  ** حرص شهوت مار و منصب اژدهاست 
  • The greed of the duck is single, (but) this (greed of the peacock) is fiftyfold: the greed of lust is (only) a snake, while this (greed for) eminence is a dragon.
  • حرص بط از شهوت حلقست و فرج  ** در ریاست بیست چندانست درج 
  • The duck's greed arises from the appetite of the gullet and pudendum, (but) twenty times as much (greed) is included in (the ambition to) rule.
  • از الوهیت زند در جاه لاف  ** طامع شرکت کجا باشد معاف 
  • He (who is) in power (really) pretends to Divinity: how should one ambitious of co-partnership (with God) be saved?
  • زلت آدم ز اشکم بود و باه  ** وآن ابلیس از تکبر بود و جاه  520
  • The sin of Adam arose from the belly and sexual intercourse, and that of Iblís from pride and power.
  • لاجرم او زود استغفار کرد  ** وآن لعین از توبه استکبار کرد 
  • Consequently, he (Adam) at once besought pardon, while the accursed (Iblís) disdained to repent.
  • حرص حلق و فرج هم خود بدرگیست  ** لیک منصب نیست آن اشکستگیست 
  • The greed of the gullet and pudendum is in truth (a mark of) depravity; but it is not (headstrong like) ambition: it is abasement.
  • بیخ و شاخ این ریاست را اگر  ** باز گویم دفتری باید دگر 
  • If I should relate the root and branch (the whole story) of dominion, another Book would be needed.