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  • آن نخواهد کین بود بر پشت خاک  ** تا ملک بکشد پدر را ز اشتراک 
  • The one is not willing that the other should be on the surface of the earth; so that a prince kills his father for partaking with him (in sovereignty).
  • آن شنیدستی که الملک عقیم  ** قطع خویشی کرد ملکت‌جو ز بیم 
  • Thou hast heard (the saying) that kingship is childless: the seeker of sovereignty has cut (the ties of) relationship because of (his) fear;
  • که عقیمست و ورا فرزند نیست  ** هم‌چو آتش با کسش پیوند نیست 
  • For he is childless and has no son: like fire, he has no kinship with any one.
  • هر چه یابد او بسوزد بر درد  ** چون نیابد هیچ خود را می‌خورد  530
  • Whatsoever he finds he destroys and tears to pieces: when he finds nothing, he devours himself.
  • هیچ شو وا ره تو از دندان او  ** رحم کم جو از دل سندان او 
  • Become naught, escape from his teeth: do not seek mercy from his (hard) anvil-like heart.
  • چونک گشتی هیچ از سندان مترس  ** هر صباح از فقر مطلق گیر درس 
  • After thou hast become naught, do not fear the anvil: take lessons every morning from absolute poverty.
  • هست الوهیت ردای ذوالجلال  ** هر که در پوشد برو گردد وبال 
  • Divinity is the mantle of the Lord of glory: it becomes a plague to any one who puts it on.
  • تاج از آن اوست آن ما کمر  ** وای او کز حد خود دارد گذر 
  • His (God's) is the crown (of sovereignty), ours the belt (of servitude): woe to him that passes beyond his proper bound!
  • فتنه‌ی تست این پر طاووسیت  ** که اشتراکت باید و قدوسیت  535
  • Thy peacock-feathers are a (sore) temptation to thee, for thou must needs have co-partnership (with God) and All-holiness.
  • قصه‌ی آن حکیم کی دید طاوسی را کی پر زیبای خود را می‌کند به منقار و می‌انداخت و تن خود را کل و زشت می‌کرد از تعجب پرسید کی دریغت نمی‌آید گفت می‌آید اما پیش من جان از پر عزیزتر است و این پر عدوی جان منست 
  • Story of the Sage who saw a peacock tearing out his handsome feathers with his beak and dropping them (on the ground) and making himself bald and ugly. In astonishment he asked, “Hast thou no feeling of regret?” “I have,” said the peacock, “but life is dearer to me than feathers, and these (feathers) are the enemy of my life.”
  • پر خود می‌کند طاوسی به دشت  ** یک حکیمی رفته بود آنجا بگشت 
  • A peacock was tearing out his feathers in the open country, where a sage had gone for a walk.