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  • ای دریغا پیش ازین بودیم اجل  ** تا عذابم کم بدی اندر وجل 
  • Alas, would that I had died ere now, so that my (time of) being tormented in the mud might have been less!’
  • در تفسیر قول رسول علیه‌السلام ما مات من مات الا و تمنی ان یموت قبل ما مات ان کان برا لیکون الی وصول البر اعجل و ان کان فاجرا لیقل فجوره 
  • Commentary on the saying of the Prophet, on whom be peace, “None ever died without wishing, if he was a righteous man, that he had died before he (actually) died, in order that he might sooner attain unto felicity; and if he was a wicked man, in order that his wickedness might be less.”
  • زین بفرمودست آن آگه رسول  ** که هر آنک مرد و کرد از تن نزول 
  • Hence the wise Prophet has said that no one who dies and dismounts from (the steed of) the body
  • نبود او را حسرت نقلان و موت  ** لیک باشد حسرت تقصیر و فوت  605
  • Feels grief on account of departure and death, but (only) grieves because of having failed (in good works) and missed his opportunities.
  • هر که میرد خود تمنی باشدش  ** که بدی زین پیش نقل مقصدش 
  • In sooth every one that dies wishes that the departure to his destination had been earlier:
  • گر بود بد تا بدی کمتر بدی  ** ور تقی تا خانه زوتر آمدی 
  • If he be wicked, in order that his wickedness might have been less; and if devout, in order that he might have come home sooner.
  • گوید آن بد بی‌خبر می‌بوده‌ام  ** دم به دم من پرده می‌افزوده‌ام 
  • The wicked man says, ‘I have been heedless, moment by moment I have been adding to the veil (of sin).
  • گر ازین زودتر مرا معبر بدی  ** این حجاب و پرده‌ام کمتر بدی 
  • If my passing (from the world) had taken place sooner, this screen and veil of mine would have been less.’
  • از حریصی کم دران روی قنوع  ** وز تکبر کم دران چهره‌ی خشوع  610
  • Do not in covetousness rend the face of contentment, and do not in pride rend the visage of humility.
  • هم‌چنین از بخل کم در روی جود  ** وز بلیسی چهره‌ی خوب سجود 
  • Likewise do not in avarice rend the face of munificence, and in devilishness the beauteous countenance of worship.
  • بر مکن آن پر خلد آرای را  ** بر مکن آن پر ره‌پیمای را 
  • Do not tear out those feathers which are an ornament to Paradise: do not tear out those feathers which (enable thee to) traverse the Way.”