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  • بر مکن آن پر خلد آرای را  ** بر مکن آن پر ره‌پیمای را 
  • Do not tear out those feathers which are an ornament to Paradise: do not tear out those feathers which (enable thee to) traverse the Way.”
  • چون شنید این پند در وی بنگریست  ** بعد از آن در نوحه آمد می‌گریست 
  • When he (the peacock) heard this counsel, he looked at him (the Sage) and, after that, began to lament and weep.
  • نوحه و گریه‌ی دراز دردمند  ** هر که آنجا بود بر گریه‌ش فکند 
  • The long lamentation and weeping of the sorrowful (peacock) caused every one who was there to fall a-weeping;
  • وآنک می‌پرسید پر کندن ز چیست  ** بی‌جوابی شد پشیمان می‌گریست  615
  • And he who was asking the reason of (the peacock's) tearing out his feathers, (he too being left) without an answer repented (of having asked) and wept,
  • کز فضولی من چرا پرسیدمش  ** او ز غم پر بود شورانیدمش 
  • Saying, “Why did I impertinently ask him (that question)? He was full of grief: I made him distraught.”
  • می‌چکید از چشم تر بر خاک آب  ** اندر آن هر قطره مدرج صد جواب 
  • From his (the peacock's) moist eyes the water (of tears) was trickling to the earth: in every drop were contained a hundred answers.
  • گریه‌ی با صدق بر جانها زند  ** تا که چرخ و عرش را گریان کند 
  • Sincere weeping touches the souls (of all), so that it makes (even) the sky and heaven to weep.
  • عقل و دلها بی‌گمان عرشی‌اند  ** در حجاب از نور عرشی می‌زیند 
  • Without any doubt, intellects and hearts (spirits) are celestial, (though) they live debarred from the celestial light.
  • در بیان آنک عقل و روح در آب و گل محبوس‌اند هم‌چون هاروت و ماروت در چاه بابل 
  • Explaining that the intellect and spirit are imprisoned in clay, like Hárút and Márút in the pit of Babylon.
  • هم‌چو هاروت و چو ماروت آن دو پاک  ** بسته‌اند اینجا به چاه سهمناک  620
  • Like Hárút and Márút, those two pure ones (the intellect and spirit) have been confined here (in this world) in a horrible pit.
  • عالم سفلی و شهوانی درند  ** اندرین چه گشته‌اند از جرم‌بند 
  • They are in the low and sensual world: they have been confined in this pit on account of sin.