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  • رغم این نفس وقیحه‌خوی را  ** که نپوشد رو خراشم روی را 
  • In despite of this fleshly soul and evil-natured one who does not veil her face, I will rend my face,
  • تا شود کم این جمال و این کمال  ** چون نماند رو کم افتم در وبال 
  • That this beauty and perfection (of mine) may be impaired. When my face (beauty) remains no more, I shall not fall into woe.
  • چون بدین نیت خراشم بزه نیست  ** که به زخم این روی را پوشیدنیست 
  • When I rend (my face) with this intention, ’tis no sin, for this face ought to be covered with wounds.
  • گر دلم خوی ستیری داشتی  ** روی خوبم جز صفا نفراشتی  665
  • If my heart had a modest disposition, my handsome face would produce naught but purity (goodness).
  • چون ندیدم زور و فرهنگ و صلاح  ** خصم دیدم زود بشکستم سلاح 
  • Since I did not see (in myself) strength and wisdom and righteousness, I saw the adversary and at once broke my weapons,
  • تا نگردد تیغ من او را کمال  ** تا نگردد خنجرم بر من وبال 
  • Lest my sword should become useful to him; lest my dagger should become hurtful to me.
  • می‌گریزم تا رگم جنبان بود  ** کی فرار از خویشتن آسان بود 
  • I will continue to flee as long as my veins are running, (but) how should it be easy to escape from one's self?
  • آنک از غیری بود او را فرار  ** چون ازو ببرید گیرد او قرار 
  • He who is in flight from another obtains rest when he has been separated from him (the pursuer).
  • من که خصمم هم منم اندر گریز  ** تا ابد کار من آمد خیزخیز  670
  • I, who am the adversary (of myself), ’tis I that am in flight (from myself): rising and departing is my occupation for ever.
  • نه به هندست آمن و نه در ختن  ** آنک خصم اوست سایه‌ی خویشتن 
  • He whose adversary is his own shadow is not safe either in India or Khutan.
  • در صفت آن بی‌خودان کی از شر خود و هنر خود آمن شده‌اند کی فانی‌اند در بقای حق هم‌چون ستارگان کی فانی‌اند روز در آفتاب و فانی را خوف آفت و خطر نباشد 
  • Description of the selfless ones who have become safe from their own vices and virtues; for they are naughted in the everlastingness of God, like stars which are naughted (vanish) in the Sun during the daytime; and he who is naughted hath no fear of bane and (is free from) danger.