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  • گفت ای یاران من قسمت کنید  ** که شما پر از من و خوی منید 
  • He said (to his Companions), “O my friends, divide (these guests amongst you), for ye are filled with me and with my nature.”
  • پر بود اجسام هر لشکر ز شاه  ** زان زنندی تیغ بر اعدای جاه 
  • The bodies of every army are filled with the King; hence they would draw the sword against (his) Majesty's enemies.
  • تو بخشم شه زنی آن تیغ را  ** ورنه بر اخوان چه خشم آید ترا 
  • ’Tis because of the King's anger you draw the sword; otherwise, what (cause of) anger have you against your brethren?
  • بر برادر بی‌گناهی می‌زنی  ** عکس خشم شاه گرز ده‌منی  70
  • (From) the reflexion of the King's anger you are striking your innocent brother with a mace of ten manns' weight.
  • شه یکی جانست و لشکر پر ازو  ** روح چون آبست واین اجسام جو 
  • The King is one soul, and the army is filled with him: the spirit is like the water, and these bodies are the river-bed.
  • آب روح شاه اگر شیرین بود  ** جمله جوها پر ز آب خوش شود 
  • If the water of the King's spirit be sweet, all the river-beds are filled with the sweet water;
  • که رعیت دین شه دارند و بس  ** این چنین فرمود سلطان عبس 
  • For only the King's law do his subjects have (a[#] their own): so hath the sovereign of ‘Abas declared.
  • هر یکی یاری یکی مهمان گزید  ** در میان یک زفت بود و بی‌ندید 
  • Each Companion chose a guest. Amongst them,(the infidels) was one stout and incomparable (in that respect).
  • جشم ضخمی داشت کس او را نبرد  ** ماند در مسجد چو اندر جام درد  75
  • He had a huge body: no one took him along, he remained in the mosque like the dregs in a cup.
  • مصطفی بردش چو وا ماند از همه  ** هفت بز بد شیرده اندر رمه 
  • As he was left behind by all, Mustafá (Mohammed) took him away. In the (Prophet's) herd there were seven goats that gave milk,