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  • زآنک تو هم لقمه‌ای هم لقمه‌خوار  ** آکل و ماکولی ای جان هوش‌دار 
  • For thou art both the morsel (of food) and the eater of the morsel: thou art the devourer and the devoured. Apprehend (this), O (dear) soul!
  • در بیان آنک ما سوی الله هر چیزی آکل و ماکولست هم‌چون آن مرغی کی قصد صید ملخ می‌کرد و به صید ملخ مشغول می‌بود و غافل بود از باز گرسنه کی از پس قفای او قصد صید او داشت اکنون ای آدمی صیاد آکل از صیاد و آکل خود آمن مباش اگر چه نمی‌بینیش به نظر چشم به نظر دلیل و عبرتش می‌بین تا چشم نیز باز شدن 
  • Explaining that everything except God is devouring and devoured, like the bird that was in pursuit of a locust and occupied in chasing it and oblivious of the hungry hawk behind its own back, that was about to seize it. Now, O hunting and devouring man, be not secure against thine own hunter and devourer. Though with the sight of the (physical) eye thou seest him not, (yet) see him with the eye of serious consideration till the opening of the eye of the inmost heart (oculus cordis).
  • مرغکی اندر شکار کرم بود  ** گربه فرصت یافت او را در ربود 
  • A little bird was hunting a worm: a cat found its opportunity and seized it.
  • آکل و ماکول بود و بی‌خبر  ** در شکار خود ز صیادی دگر  720
  • It (the bird) was a devourer and a thing devoured, and (being engrossed) in its hunting was ignorant of another hunter.
  • دزد گرچه در شکار کاله‌ایست  ** شحنه با خصمانش در دنباله‌ایست 
  • Although the thief is (engaged) in hunting articles of property, (yet) the prefect of police with (the thief's) enemies is behind him (on his track).
  • عقل او مشغول رخت و قفل و در  ** غافل از شحنه‌ست و از آه سحر 
  • His mind is occupied with chattels and lock and door: he is heedless of the prefect and of the outcry (that will arise) at dawn.
  • او چنان غرقست در سودای خود  ** غافلست از طالب و جویای خود 
  • He is so absorbed in his passion (for gain) he gives no heed to his seekers and pursuers.
  • گر حشیش آب و هوایی می‌خورد  ** معده‌ی حیوانش در پی می‌چرد 
  • If the herbage is drinking pure water, (yet) afterwards an animal's belly will feed on it.
  • آکل و ماکول آمد آن گیاه  ** هم‌چنین هر هستیی غیر اله  725
  • That grass is devouring and devoured: even so (is) everything that exists except God.
  • و هو یطعمکم و لا یطعم چو اوست  ** نیست حق ماکول و آکل لحم و پوست 
  • Since He is (the subject of the text) and He feedeth you and is not fed, God is not devouring and devoured, (like) flesh and skin.
  • آکل و ماکول کی ایمن بود  ** ز آکلی که اندر کمین ساکن بود 
  • How should that which is devouring and devoured be secure from a devourer who dwells in a (secret) hiding-place?