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  • زآنک او از اصل بی‌پرواز بود  ** وآن دگر پرنده و پرواز بود 
  • Because by nature it was (always) without (the power of) flight, while the other (bird) was (naturally) a flier and open-winged.
  • قال النبی علیه‌السلام ارحموا ثلاثا عزیز قوم ذل و غنی قوم افتقر و عالما یلعب به الجهال 
  • The Prophet, on whom be peace, said, “Pity three (classes of men): the mighty man of a people who is abased, and the rich man of a people who is impoverished, and a learned man whom the ignorant make sport of.”
  • گفت پیغامبر که رحم آرید بر  ** جان من کان غنیا فافتقر 
  • The Prophet said, “Take pity on the soul of him who was rich and then became poor,
  • والذی کان عزیزا فاحتقر  ** او صفیا عالما بین المضر 
  • And on him who was mighty and became despised, or on one (who is) virtuous and learned (dwelling) amongst the (people of) Mudar.”
  • گفت پیغامبر که با این سه گروه  ** رحم آرید ار ز سنگید و ز کوه  825
  • The Prophet said, “Show pity to these three classes (of men), (even) if ye are of (the hardness of) rock and mountain:
  • آنک او بعد از رئیسی خوار شد  ** وآن توانگر هم که بی‌دینار شد 
  • (Namely), him who was made lowly after having been a chief, and the rich man, too, who became impecunious,
  • وآن سوم آن عالمی که اندر جهان  ** مبتلی گردد میان ابلهان 
  • And, thirdly, the learned man who in this world becomes afflicted (by living amongst) the foolish;
  • زانک از عزت به خواری آمدن  ** هم‌چو قطع عضو باشد از بدن 
  • For to come (fall) from high to low estate is like the amputation of a limb from the body.”
  • عضو گردد مرده کز تن وا برید  ** نو بریده جنبد اما نی مدید 
  • The limb that is cut off from the body becomes dead: (when) newly cut off, it moves, but not for long.
  • هر که از جام الست او خورد پار  ** هستش امسال آفت رنج و خمار  830
  • (Similarly) he who drank of the cup of Alast last year, this year he suffers the pain and headache (in consequence of having drunk),
  • وآنک چون سگ ز اصل کهدانی بود  ** کی مرورا حرص سلطانی بود 
  • While he who, like a dog, is by nature attached to the kennel —how should he have the desire for (spiritual) sovereignty?