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  • او بمانده در میانشان زارزار  ** هم‌چو بوبکری به شهر سبزوار 
  • It remains amongst them in sore misery, like an Abú Bakr in the city ofSabzawár.
  • حکایت محمد خوارزمشاه کی شهر سبزوار کی همه رافضی باشند به جنگ بگرفت اما جان خواستند گفت آنگه امان دهم کی ازین شهر پیش من به هدیه ابوبکر نامی بیارید 
  • Story of Mohammed Khwárizmsháh who took by war (force) the city of Sabzawár, where all (the inhabitants) are Ráfizís (extreme Shí‘ites). (When) they begged him to spare their lives, he said, “I will grant (you) security as soon as ye produce from this city a man named Abú Bakr and present him to me.”
  • شد محمد الپ الغ خوارزمشاه  ** در قتال سبزوار پر پناه  845
  • Mohammed Alp Ulugh Khwárizmsháh marched to battle against Sabzawár, (the city) full of refuge (for the wicked).
  • تنگشان آورد لشکرهای او  ** اسپهش افتاد در قتل عدو 
  • His troops reduced them (the inhabitants) to straits; his army fell to killing the foe.
  • سجده آوردند پیشش کالامان  ** حلقه‌مان در گوش کن وا بخش جان 
  • They prostrated themselves before him, crying, “Mercy! Make us thy thralls, (but) spare our lives!
  • هر خراج و صلتی که بایدت  ** آن ز ما هر موسمی افزایدت 
  • Whatever thou requirest (in the way of) tribute or presents will come to thee from us with increase (abundantly) at every fixed time (of payment).
  • جان ما آن توست ای شیرخو  ** پیش ما چندی امانت باش گو 
  • Our lives are thine, O lion-natured (prince): let them be on deposit with us for a (little) while.”
  • گفت نرهانید از من جان خویش  ** تا نیاریدم ابوبکری به پیش  850
  • He replied, “Ye will not save your lives from me unless ye bring an Abú Bakr into my presence.
  • تا مرا بوبکر نام از شهرتان  ** هدیه نارید ای رمیده امتان 
  • Unless ye bring to me as a gift from your city one whose name is Abú Bakr, O people who have fled (from righteousness),
  • بدرومتان هم‌چو کشت ای قوم دون  ** نه خراج استانم و نه هم فسون 
  • I will mow you down like corn, O vile folk: I will accept neither tribute nor blandishments.”
  • بس جوال زر کشیدندش به راه  ** کز چنین شهری ابوبکری مخواه 
  • They offered him many sacks of gold, saying, “Do not demand an Abú Bakr from a city like this.