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  • حد ندارد این سخن و آهوی ما  ** می‌گریزد اندر آخر جابجا 
  • This discourse hath no bound, and (meanwhile) our gazelle is running to and fro in flight in the stable.
  • بقیه‌ی قصه‌ی آهو و آخر خران 
  • The remainder of the Story of the gazelle in the donkey-stable.
  • روزها آن آهوی خوش‌ناف نر  ** در شکنجه بود در اصطبل خر 
  • During (many) days the sweet-navelled male gazelle was in torment in the donkey-stable,
  • مضطرب در نزع چون ماهی ز خشک  ** در یکی حقه معذب پشک و مشک 
  • Like a fish wriggling in the death-agony from (being kept on) dry ground, (or like) dung and musk tortured (by being kept) in the same box.
  • یک خرش گفتی که ها این بوالوحوش  ** طبع شاهان دارد و میران خموش  910
  • One donkey would say to his neighbour, “Ha! this wild fellow has the nature of kings and princes. Hush!”
  • وآن دگر تسخر زدی کز جر و مد  ** گوهر آوردست کی ارزان دهد 
  • And the other would mock, saying, “By (constant) ebb and flow he has gained a pearl: how should he sell cheaply?”
  • وآن خری گفتی که با این نازکی  ** بر سریر شاه شو گو متکی 
  • And another donkey would say, “With this fastidiousness (of his), let him recline on the imperial throne!”
  • آن خری شد تخمه وز خوردن بماند  ** پس برسم دعوت آهو را بخواند 
  • A certain donkey became ill with indigestion and was unable to eat; therefore he gave the gazelle a formal invitation (to dine).
  • سر چنین کرد او که نه رو ای فلان  ** اشتهاام نیست هستم ناتوان 
  • He (the gazelle) shook his head, (as though to say), “Nay, begone, O such-and such: I have no appetite, I am unwell.”
  • گفت می‌دانم که نازی می‌کنی  ** یا ز ناموس احترازی می‌کنی  915
  • He (the donkey) replied, “I know that you are showing disdain, or holding aloof in regard for your reputation.”
  • گفت او با خود که آن طعمه‌ی توست  ** که از آن اجزای تو زنده و نوست 
  • He (the gazelle) said to himself, “That (which you offer me) is your food, whereby your limbs are revived and renewed.