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  • قصه بسیارست کوته می‌کنم  ** باز شد آن در رهید از درد و غم 
  • The story is long: I will shorten it. The door opened: he was delivered from grief and pain.
  • در حجره گشادن مصطفی علیه‌السلام بر مهمان و خود را پنهان کردن تا او خیال گشاینده را نبیند و خجل شود و گستاخ بیرون رود 
  • How Mustafá (Mohammed) opened the door of the room for his guest and concealed himself in order that he (the guest) might not see the form of the person who opened it and be overcome with shame, but might go forth boldly.
  • مصطفی صبح آمد و در را گشاد  ** صبح آن گمراه را او راه داد 
  • At dawn Mustafá came and opened the door: at dawn he gave the way (means of escape) to him who had lost the way (of salvation).
  • در گشاد و گشت پنهان مصطفی  ** تا نگردد شرمسار آن مبتلا 
  • Mustafá opened the door and became hidden, in order that the afflicted man might not be ashamed,
  • تا برون آید رود گستاخ او  ** تا نبیند درگشا را پشت و رو 
  • But might come forth and walk boldly away and not see the back or face of the door-opener.
  • یا نهان شد در پس چیزی و یا  ** از ویش پوشید دامان خدا  100
  • Either he became hidden behind something, or the skirt (merciful palliation) of God concealed him from him (the infidel).
  • صبغة الله گاه پوشیده کند  ** پرده‌ی بی‌چون بر آن ناظر تند 
  • The dye of Allah sometimes makes (a thing to be) covered and draws a mysterious veil o’er the beholder,
  • تا نبیند خصم را پهلوی خویش  ** قدرت یزدان از آن بیشست بیش 
  • So that he does not see the enemy at his side: the power of God is more than that, (yea), more.
  • مصطفی می‌دید احوال شبش  ** لیک مانع بود فرمان ربش 
  • Mustafá was seeing all that happened to him in the night, but the command of the Lord restrained him
  • تا که پیش از خبط بگشاید رهی  ** تا نیفتد زان فضیحت در چهی 
  • From opening a way (of escape) before the fault (was committed), so that he (the infidel) should not be cast into a pit (of grief) by the disgrace (which he had incurred).
  • لیک حکمت بود و امر آسمان  ** تا ببیند خویشتن را او چنان  105
  • (Otherwise, Mustafá would have let him out in time), but it was the (Divine) wisdom and the command of Heaven that he should see himself thus (disgraced and confounded).