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  • دید او آن غنج و برجست سبک  ** چون تجلی حق از پرده‌ی تنک 
  • He (Iblís) deemed that coquetry and light springing gait to be like the revelation of Divine glory through a thin veil.
  • تفسیر خلقنا الانسان فی احسن تقویم ثم رددناه اسفل سافلین و تفسیر و من نعمره ننکسه فی الخلق 
  • Commentary on “We created Man in the best (physical and mental) proportion, then We reduced him to the lowest of the low”; and on “And to whomsoever We grant long life, We cause him to relapse in constitution.”
  • آدم حسن و ملک ساجد شده  ** هم‌چو آدم باز معزول آمده 
  • The beauty personified in Adam, to which the angels bow down, is afterwards deposed (from its former perfection), like Adam (when he fell from Paradise).
  • گفت آوه بعد هستی نیستی  ** گفت جرمت این که افزون زیستی 
  • It cries, “Alas, after existence non-existence!” He (God) says, “Thy crime is this, that thou hast lived too long.”
  • جبرئیلش می‌کشاند مو کشان  ** که برو زین خلد و از جوق خوشان 
  • Gabriel, dragging it by the hair, leads it away, saying, "Begone from this Paradise and from the company of the fair ones."
  • گفت بعد از عز این اذلال چیست  ** گفت آن دادست و اینت داوریست  965
  • It says, “What is (the meaning of) this abasement after exaltation?” He (Gabriel) replies, “That (exaltation) is a gift (of God), and this (abasement) is (His) judgement on thee.”
  • جبرئیلا سجده می‌کردی به جان  ** چون کنون می‌رانیم تو از جنان 
  • (It cries), “O Gabriel, thou didst (formerly) bow down (to me) with (all) thy soul: why art thou now driving me from Paradise?
  • حله می‌پرد ز من در امتحان  ** هم‌چو برگ از نخ در فصل خزان 
  • My robes are flying from me in (this hour of) tribulation, like leaves from the date-palm in the season of autumn.”
  • آن رخی که تاب او بد ماه‌وار  ** شد به پیری هم‌چو پشت سوسمار 
  • The countenance whose splendour was moon-like becomes with old age like the back of the Libyan lizard;
  • وان سر و فرق گش شعشع شده  ** وقت پیری ناخوش و اصلع شده 
  • And the fair head and crown (of the head) that once were radiant become ugly and bald at the time of eld;
  • وان قد صف در نازان چون سنان  ** گشته در پیری دو تا هم‌چون کمان  970
  • And the tall proud figure, piercing the ranks like a spear-point, in old age is bent double like a bow.