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  • این خود آثار غم و پژمردگیست  ** هر یکی زینها رسول مردگیست 
  • Truly these are marks of pain and decay: every one of them is a messenger of death.
  • تفسیر اسفل سافلین الا الذین آمنوا و عملوا الصالحات فلهم اجر غیر ممنون 
  • Commentary on “The lowest of the low, except those who have believed and wrought good works; for they shall have a reward that is not cut off.”
  • لیک گر باشد طبیبش نور حق  ** نیست از پیری و تب نقصان و دق 
  • But if his physician be the Light of God, there is no loss or crushing blow (that he will suffer) from old age and fever.
  • سستی او هست چون سستی مست  ** که اندر آن سستیش رشک رستمست  975
  • His weakness is like the weakness of the intoxicated, for in his weakness he is the envy of a Rustam.
  • گر بمیرد استخوانش غرق ذوق  ** ذره ذره‌ش در شعاع نور شوق 
  • If he die, his bones are drowned in (spiritual) savour; every mote of him is (floating) in the beams of the light of love-desire.
  • وآنک آنش نیست باغ بی‌ثمر  ** که خزانش می‌کند زیر و زبر 
  • And he who hath not that (Light) is an orchard without fruit, which the autumn brings to ruin.
  • گل نماند خارها ماند سیاه  ** زرد و بی‌مغز آمده چون تل کاه 
  • The roses remain not; (only) the black thorns remain: it becomes pale and pithless like a heap of straw.
  • تا چه زلت کرد آن باغ ای خدا  ** که ازو این حله‌ها گردد جدا 
  • O God, I wonder what fault did that orchard commit, that these (beautiful) robes should be stripped from it.
  • خویشتن را دید و دید خویشتن  ** زهر قتالست هین ای ممتحن  980
  • “It paid regard to itself, and self-regard is a deadly poison. Beware, O thou who art put to the trial!”
  • شاهدی کز عشق او عالم گریست  ** عالمش می‌راند از خود جرم چیست 
  • The minion for love of whom the world wept—the world (now) is repulsing him from itself: what is (his) crime?
  • جرم آنک زیور عاریه بست  ** کرد دعوی کین حلل ملک منست 
  • “The crime is that he put on a borrowed adornment and pretended that these robes were his own property.