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  • ای زننده بی‌گناهان را قفا  ** در قفای خود نمی‌بینی جزا 
  • O you who strike the napes of the guiltless, don't you see the retribution (that is coming) behind you?
  • ای هوا را طب خود پنداشته  ** بر ضعیفان صفع را بگماشته  1340
  • O you who fancy that (indulgence of) desire is your (right) medicine and inflict slaps on the weak,
  • بر تو خندید آنک گفتت این دواست  ** اوست که آدم را به گندم رهنماست 
  • He who told you that this is the cure (for your disease) mocked at you: ’tis he that guided Adam to the wheat,
  • که خورید این دانه او دو مستعین  ** بهر دارو تا تکونا خالدین 
  • Saying, “O ye twain who implore help, eat this grain as a remedy that ye may abide (in Paradise) for ever.”
  • اوش لغزانید و او را زد قفا  ** آن قفا وا گشت و گشت این را جزا 
  • He caused him (Adam) to stumble and gave him a slap on the nape: that slap recoiled and became a (penal) retribution for him (the Devil).
  • اوش لغزانید سخت اندر زلق  ** لیک پشت و دستگیرش بود حق 
  • He caused him (Adam) to stumble terribly in backsliding, but God was his (Adam's) support and helper.
  • کوه بود آدم اگر پر مار شد  ** کان تریاقست و بی‌اضرار شد  1345
  • Adam was (like) a mountain: (even) if he was filled with serpents (of sin), he is a mine of the antidote (to snake-poison) and was unhurt.
  • تو که تریاقی نداری ذره‌ای  ** از خلاص خود چرایی غره‌ای 
  • You, who do not possess an atom of the antidote, why are you deluded by your (hope of) deliverance?
  • آن توکل کو خلیلانه ترا  ** وآن کرامت چون کلیمت از کجا 
  • Where, in your case, is trust in God like (the trust of) Khalíl (Abraham), and whence will you get the (Divine) grace like (that bestowed upon) Kalím (Moses),
  • تا نبرد تیغت اسمعیل را  ** تا کنی شه‌راه قعر نیل را 
  • So that your knife should not cut (the throat of) Ismá‘íl (Ishmael) and that you should make the depths of the Nile a (dry) highway?