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  • در مدارس طالب علمی که نیست  ** در صوامع طالب حلمی که نیست  1365
  • In the colleges he seeks a knowledge that is not in being; in the Christian monasteries he seeks a morality that is not in being.
  • هستها را سوی پس افکنده‌اند  ** نیستها را طالبند و بنده‌اند 
  • They (the intelligent) have thrown the (actually) existent things behind them and are seekers of, and devoted to, the (relatively) non-existent things,
  • زانک کان و مخزن صنع خدا  ** نیست غیر نیستی در انجلا 
  • Because the mine and treasury of God's doing is not other than non-existence in (process of) being brought into manifestation.
  • پیش ازین رمزی بگفتستیم ازین  ** این و آن را تو یکی بین دو مبین 
  • We have previously given some indication of this (matter): regard this (present discourse) and that (former discourse) as one, not as two.
  • گفته شد که هر صناعت‌گر که رست  ** در صناعت جایگاه نیست جست 
  • It was stated (formerly) that every craftsman who appeared (in the world) sought the abode of (relative) non-existence in (exercising) his craft.
  • جست بنا موضعی ناساخته  ** گشته ویران سقفها انداخته  1370
  • The builder sought an unrepaired place that had become ruined and (where) the roofs (were) fallen in.
  • جست سقا کوزای کش آب نیست  ** وان دروگر خانه‌ای کش باب نیست 
  • The water-carrier sought a pot with no water in it, and the carpenter a house with no door.
  • وقت صید اندر عدم بد حمله‌شان  ** از عدم آنگه گریزان جمله‌شان 
  • At the moment of pursuing (their object) they rushed into (relative) nonexistence; then (afterwards) they all are fleeing from non-existence.
  • چون امیدت لاست زو پرهیز چیست  ** با انیس طمع خود استیز چیست 
  • Since your hope is (in) non-existence, why (this) avoidance of it? Why (this) strife with what is congenial to your desire?
  • چون انیس طمع تو آن نیستیست  ** از فنا و نیست این پرهیز چیست 
  • Since that non-existence is congenial to your desire, why this avoidance of nonentity and non-existence?