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  • گفت صوفی که چه بودی کین جهان  ** ابروی رحمت گشادی جاودان  1645
  • The Súfi said, “How would it be if this world were to unknit the eyebrow of mercy for evermore!
  • هر دمی شوری نیاوردی به پیش  ** بر نیاوردی ز تلوینهاش نیش 
  • If it were not to bring on some trouble at every moment and produce anguish by its (incessant) changes!
  • شب ندزدیدی چراغ روز را  ** دی نبردی باغ عیش آموز را 
  • If Night were not to steal the lamp of Day, and i December were not to sweep away the orchard that has learned to delight (in its fresh beauty)!
  • جام صحت را نبودی سنگ تب  ** آمنی با خوف ناوردی کرب 
  • If there were no stone of fever to shatter the cup of health, and if fear did not bring anxieties for (one’s) safety!
  • خود چه کم گشتی ز جود و رحمتش  ** گر نبودی خرخشه در نعمتش 
  • How, indeed, would His munificence and mercy be diminished if in His bounty there were no torment?”
  • جواب قاضی سال صوفی را و قصه‌ی ترک و درزی را مثل آوردن 
  • The Cadi's answer to the questions of the Súfí, and how he adduced the Story of the Turk and the Tailor as a parable.
  • گفت قاضی بس تهی‌رو صوفیی  ** خالی از فطنت چو کاف کوفیی  1650
  • The Cadi said, “You are a very idle vagabond Súfí: you are devoid of intelligence, (you are) like the Kúfic káf.
  • تو بنشنیدی که آن پر قند لب  ** غدر خیاطان همی‌گفتی به شب 
  • Haven't you heard that a certain sugar-lipped (story-teller) used to tell at nightfall of the perfidy of tailors,
  • خلق را در دزدی آن طایفه  ** می‌نمود افسانه‌های سالفه 
  • Setting forth to the people old stories concerning the thievery of that class (of men)?
  • قصه‌ی پاره‌ربایی در برین  ** می حکایت کرد او با آن و این 
  • To that one and this one he would relate tales of their snatching (stealing) pieces of cloth while cutting it,
  • در سمر می‌خواند دزدی‌نامه‌ای  ** گرد او جمع آمده هنگامه‌ای 
  • And during the night-talk he would read aloud a book on (the tricks of) tailors, when a throng had gathered round him.