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  • گر بهر دم نت بهار و خرمیست  ** هم‌چو چاش گل تنت انبار چیست 
  • If Spring and (its) fresh gladness are not always thine, (then) of what is thy body, (which is) like a heap of roses, the storehouse?
  • چاش گل تن فکر تو هم‌چون گلاب  ** منکر گل شد گلاب اینت عجاب 
  • Thy body is a heap of roses, thy thought is like rose-water; the rose-water denies the rose: lo, here is a marvel!”
  • از کپی‌خویان کفران که دریغ  ** بر نبی‌خویان نثار مهر و میغ 
  • (Even) straw is refused to those who apishly show ingratitude, (while) sun and cloud (sunshine and rain) are lavished on those who resemble the prophets in disposition.
  • آن لجاج کفر قانون کپیست  ** وآن سپاس و شکر منهاج نبیست 
  • That obstinacy in (showing) ingratitude is the rule followed by the ape, while that thankfulness and gratitude is the way of the prophet.
  • با کپی‌خویان تهتکها چه کرد  ** با نبی‌رویان تنسکها چه کرد  1830
  • (See) what was done to the apish by their deeds of shame; (see) what was done to those of prophetic complexion by their acts of piety!
  • در عمارتها سگانند و عقور  ** در خرابیهاست گنج عز و نور 
  • In well-cultivated places there are curs and biting (dogs); in ruined places there is the treasure of glory and light.
  • گر نبودی این بزوغ اندر خسوف  ** گم نکردی راه چندین فیلسوف 
  • If this (spiritual) moonlight had not been in eclipse, so many philosophers would not have lost the (right) way.
  • زیرکان و عاقلان از گمرهی  ** دیده بر خرطوم داغ ابلهی 
  • Through losing their way the acute and intelligent saw the brand of foolishness on their noses.
  • باقی قصه‌ی فقیر روزی‌طلب بی‌واسطه‌ی کسب 
  • The remainder of the Story of the fakir who desired (to receive) his daily bread without (having recourse to) work as a means (of earning it).
  • آن یکی بیچاره‌ی مفلس ز درد  ** که ز بی‌چیزی هزاران زهر خورد 
  • In his grief that wretched pauper, who suffered a thousand agonies on account of indigence,
  • لابه کردی در نماز و در دعا  ** کای خداوند و نگهبان رعا  1835
  • Used to beseech (God) in prayer and invocation, crying, “O Lord and Guardian of (them that are) the shepherds (of their people),