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  • زیرکان و عاقلان از گمرهی  ** دیده بر خرطوم داغ ابلهی 
  • Through losing their way the acute and intelligent saw the brand of foolishness on their noses.
  • باقی قصه‌ی فقیر روزی‌طلب بی‌واسطه‌ی کسب 
  • The remainder of the Story of the fakir who desired (to receive) his daily bread without (having recourse to) work as a means (of earning it).
  • آن یکی بیچاره‌ی مفلس ز درد  ** که ز بی‌چیزی هزاران زهر خورد 
  • In his grief that wretched pauper, who suffered a thousand agonies on account of indigence,
  • لابه کردی در نماز و در دعا  ** کای خداوند و نگهبان رعا  1835
  • Used to beseech (God) in prayer and invocation, crying, “O Lord and Guardian of (them that are) the shepherds (of their people),
  • بی ز جهدی آفریدی مر مرا  ** بی فن من روزیم ده زین سرا 
  • Thou didst create me without any exertion (on my part): give me daily bread from this mansion (the world) without contrivance (on my part).
  • پنج گوهر دادیم در درج سر  ** پنج حس دیگری هم مستتر 
  • Thou gavest me the five jewels in the casket of my head, and also five other occult senses.
  • لا یعد این داد و لا یحصی ز تو  ** من کلیلم از بیانش شرم‌رو 
  • These gifts of Thine are not to be numbered or computed; in setting them forth I am tongue-tied and shamefaced.
  • چونک در خلاقیم تنها توی  ** کار رزاقیم تو کن مستوی 
  • Since Thou art alone (without partner) in my creation, do Thou adjust (accordingly) the matter of providing me with daily bread.”
  • سالها زو این دعا بسیار شد  ** عاقبت زاری او بر کار شد  1840
  • For years this prayer was frequently uttered by him, and at last his supplication took effect,
  • هم‌چو آن شخصی که روزی حلال  ** از خدا می‌خواست بی‌کسب و کلال 
  • As (in the case of) the person who used to beg God to grant him a lawful livelihood without labour and fatigue,
  • گاو آوردش سعادت عاقبت  ** عهد داود لدنی معدلت 
  • (Till) at length the cow brought him happiness: (’twas in) the epoch of David whose justice was divinely inspired.