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  • خاک را بین خلق رنگارنگ را  ** می‌کند یک رنگ اندر گورها 
  • Look at earth: it makes many-coloured (diverse) humankind to be (all) of one colour in their graves.
  • این نمکسار جسوم ظاهرست  ** خود نمکسار معانی دیگرست 
  • This is the salt-mine for visible (material) bodies, (but) in sooth the salt-mine for ideal (supersensible) things is different.
  • آن نمکسار معانی معنویست  ** از ازل آن تا ابد اندر نویست 
  • The salt-mine for ideal things is ideal (spiritual and real): it remains new from eternity unto everlasting.
  • این نوی را کهنگی ضدش بود  ** آن نوی بی ضد و بی ند و عدد  1860
  • This (earthly) newness has oldness as its opposite, but that newness (belonging to the world of Reality) is without opposite or like or number.
  • آنچنان که از صقل نور مصطفی  ** صد هزاران نوع ظلمت شد ضیا 
  • ’Tis (even) as by the polishing action of the Light of Mustafá (Mohammed) a hundred thousand sorts of darkness became radiant.
  • از جهود و مشرک و ترسا و مغ  ** جملگی یک‌رنگ شد زان الپ الغ 
  • Jew and polytheist and Christian and Magian—all were made of one colour by that Alp Ulugh (great hero).
  • صد هزاران سایه کوتاه و دراز  ** شد یکی در نور آن خورشید راز 
  • A hundred thousand shadows short and long became one in the light of that Sun of mystery.
  • نه درازی ماند نه کوته نه پهن  ** گونه گونه سایه در خورشید رهن 
  • Neither a long (shadow) remained nor a short nor a wide: shadows of every kind were given in pawn to (absorbed in) the Sun.
  • لیک یک‌رنگی که اندر محشرست  ** بر بد و بر نیک کشف و ظاهرست  1865
  • But the unicolority that is (everywhere) at the Resurrection is (then) revealed and (made) manifest to the evil and the good (alike);
  • که معانی آن جهان صورت شود  ** نقشهامان در خور خصلت شود 
  • For in that world ideas are endued with form, and our (visible) shapes become congruous with our (moral and spiritual) qualities.