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  • استخوان و موی مقهوران نگر  ** تیغ قهر افکنده اندر بحر و بر 
  • Contemplate the bones and hair of the punished ones (whom) the sword of (Divine) punishment overthrew on sea and land.
  • پر و پای مرغ بین بر گرد دام  ** شرح قهر حق کننده بی‌کلام 
  • Consider the bird's feathers and feet (lying) around the trap and silently expounding (the nature of) God's punishment.
  • مرد او بر جای خرپشته نشاند  ** وآنک کهنه گشت هم پشته نماند 
  • He (the worldling) dies and leaves a (sepulchral) vault to occupy his place; and (in the case of) one who has lain for ages (in the earth), even the vault has disappeared.
  • هر کسی را جفت کرده عدل حق  ** پیل را با پیل و بق را جنس بق 
  • The justice of God hath mated every one (with one of his own kind)—elephant with elephant and gnat with gnat.
  • مونس احمد به مجلس چار یار  ** مونس بوجهل عتبه و ذوالخمار  1895
  • The familiar associates of Ahmad (Mohammed) were the Four Friends, (while) the familiars of Bú Jahl were ‘Utba and Dhu ’l-Khimár.
  • کعبه‌ی جبریل و جانها سدره‌ای  ** قبله‌ی عبدالبطون شد سفره‌ای 
  • The Ka‘ba of Gabriel and the (celestial) spirits is a Lotus-tree; the qibla of the belly-slave is a table-cloth (covered with dishes of food).
  • قبله‌ی عارف بود نور وصال  ** قبله‌ی عقل مفلسف شد خیال 
  • The qibla of the gnostic is the light of union (with God); the qibla of the philosopher's intellect is phantasy.
  • قبله‌ی زاهد بود یزدان بر  ** قبله‌ی مطمع بود همیان زر 
  • The qibla of the ascetic is the Gracious God; the qibla of the flatterer is a purse of gold.
  • قبله‌ی معنی‌وران صبر و درنگ  ** قبله‌ی صورت‌پرستان نقش سنگ 
  • The qibla of the spiritual is patience and long-suffering; the qibla of form worshippers is the image of stone.
  • قبله‌ی باطن‌نشینان ذوالمنن  ** قبله‌ی ظاهرپرستان روی زن  1900
  • The qibla of those who dwell on the inward is the Bounteous One; the qibla of those who worship the outward is a woman's face.