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  • بعد از آن دیدم که که سه شاخ شد  ** چونک نور حق درو نفاخ شد 
  • After that, I saw the mountain break into three pieces when the Light of God surged upon it.
  • وصف هیبت چون تجلی زد برو  ** می‌سکست از هم همی‌شد سو به سو 
  • When the Attribute of Majesty was revealed to it, it burst asunder in every direction.
  • آن یکی شاخ که آمد سوی یم  ** گشت شیرین آب تلخ هم‌چو سم  2435
  • One piece of the mountain fell towards the sea, and the water bitter as poison was made sweet.
  • آن یکی شاخش فرو شد در زمین  ** چشمه‌ی دارو برون آمد معین 
  • One piece thereof sank into the earth, and a medicinal spring of running water gushed forth,
  • که شفای جمله رنجوران شد آب  ** از همایونی وحی مستطاب 
  • So that its water became a cure for all the sick by the blessedness of the goodly revelation.
  • آن یکی شاخ دگر پرید زود  ** تا جوار کعبه که عرفات بود 
  • The other (third) piece flew at once to the neighbourhood of the Ka‘ba where ‘Arafát was (situated).
  • باز از آن صعقه چو با خود آمدم  ** طور بر جا بد نه افزون و نه کم 
  • When I came back to myself out of that swoon, Sinai was in its place, neither greater nor less (than before);
  • لیک زیر پای موسی هم‌چو یخ  ** می‌گدازید او نماندش شاخ و شخ  2440
  • But under the foot of Moses it was (inwardly) melting like ice: no spur or peak of it remained.
  • با زمین هموار شد که از نهیب  ** گشت بالایش از آن هیبت نشیب 
  • The mountain was levelled to the earth by terror: it was turned upside down by that awful Majesty.
  • باز با خود آمدم زان انتشار  ** باز دیدم طور و موسی برقرار 
  • After that scattering (of my senses) I came to myself again and saw that Sinai and Moses were unchanged,