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  • یک سلامی نشنود پیر از خسی  ** تا نپیچد عاقبت از وی بسی  2470
  • The Pír (Elder) never hears a salaam from a base fellow without being exceedingly tormented by him in the end.
  • گرگ دریابد ولی را به بود  ** زانک دریابد ولی را نفس بد 
  • (If) a wolf catch a saint, it is better than that the saint should be caught by the wicked carnal soul,
  • زانک گرگ ارچه که بس استمگریست  ** لیکش آن فرهنگ و کید و مکر نیست 
  • Because, though the wolf does great violence, yet it has not the same knowledge and craft and cunning;
  • ورنه کی اندر فتادی او به دام  ** مکر اندر آدمی باشد تمام 
  • Else how should it fall into the trap? Cunning is complete (attains to perfection) in man.
  • گفت قج با گاو و اشتر ای رفاق  ** چون چنین افتاد ما را اتفاق 
  • The ram said to the ox and the camel, “O comrades, since such a (lucky) chance has come to us,
  • هر یکی تاریخ عمر ابدا کنید  ** پیرتر اولیست باقی تن زنید  2475
  • Let each (of us) declare the date (antiquity) of his life: the oldest has the best right, let the others suffer (disappointment) in silence.
  • گفت قج مرج من اندر آن عهود  ** با قج قربان اسمعیل بود 
  • In those times,” said the ram, “my pasturage was (shared) with the ram that was sacrificed for Ismá‘íl (Ishmael).”
  • گاو گفتا بوده‌ام من سال‌خورد  ** جفت آن گاوی کش آدم جفت کرد 
  • The ox said, “I am the (most) advanced in years, (I was) coupled with the ox that Adam yoked.
  • جفت آن گاوم که آدم جد خلق  ** در زراعت بر زمین می‌کرد فلق 
  • I am the yoke-fellow of the ox with which Adam, the forefather of mankind, used to plough the earth in sowing.”
  • چون شنید از گاو و قج اشتر شگفت  ** سر فرود آورد و آن را برگرفت 
  • When the camel heard the ox and the ram (make these assertions) he was amazed: he lowered his head and picked up that (bunch of grass).