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  • تا بگوید سر خود از اضطرار  ** آنچنان که گیرد این دلها قرار  2575
  • (Beat him) in order that he may be compelled to declare the secret, so that these (apprehensive) hearts will be reassured.
  • چون طمانینست صدق و با فروغ  ** دل نیارامد به گفتار دروغ 
  • Since the shining truth is (a cause of) tranquillity, the heart will not be calmed by lying words.
  • کذب چون خس باشد و دل چون دهان  ** خس نگردد در دهان هرگز نهان 
  • Falsehood is like a (piece of stick or) straw, and the heart like a mouth: a straw never becomes (quietly) hidden in the mouth.
  • تا درو باشد زبانی می‌زند  ** تا به دانش از دهان بیرون کند 
  • So long as it is there, he (who is annoyed by it) keeps moving his tongue, in order that thereby he may eject it from his mouth.
  • خاصه که در چشم افتد خس ز باد  ** چشم افتد در نم و بند و گشاد 
  • Especially, when a straw (blown) by the wind falls into the eye, the eye begins to water and shut and open.
  • ما پس این خس را زنیم اکنون لگد  ** تا دهان و چشم ازین خس وا رهد  2580
  • We, therefore, now kick (out) this (man of) straw, in order that our mouth and eye may be delivered from (the disquiet caused by) this straw.”
  • گفت دلقک ای ملک آهسته باش  ** روی حلم و مغفرت را کم‌خراش 
  • Dalqak said, “O King, be calm: do not scratch the face of clemency and forgiveness.
  • تا بدین حد چیست تعجیل نقم  ** من نمی‌پرم به دست تو درم 
  • Why such an excessive haste to take revenge? I cannot fly away, I am in thy hand (power).
  • آن ادب که باشد از بهر خدا  ** اندر آن مستعجلی نبود روا 
  • ’Tis not right to be hasty in (the case of) correction that is (inflicted) for God's sake;
  • وآنچ باشد طبع و خشم و عارضی  ** می‌شتابد تا نگردد مرتضی 
  • (But as regards) that (of) which (the motive) is (ill) humour and casual anger, he (the corrector) is in a hurry (for fear) lest he should become content (reconciled).