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  • صوفیی را گفت خواجه‌ی سیم‌پاش  ** ای قدمهای ترا جانم فراش 
  • A certain Khwája, accustomed to scatter (pieces of) silver, said to a Súfí, “O you for whose feet my soul is a carpet,
  • یک درم خواهی تو امروز ای شهم  ** یا که فردا چاشتگاهی سه درم  2715
  • Would you like one dirhem to-day, my king, or three dirhems at breakfast-time to-morrow?”
  • گفت دی نیم درم راضی‌ترم  ** زانک امروز این و فردا صد درم 
  • He replied, “I am more pleased with (the possession of) half a dirhem yesterday than with (the promise of) this (one dirhem) to-day and a hundred dirhems to-morrow.”
  • سیلی نقد از عطاء نسیه به  ** نک قفا پیشت کشیدم نقد ده 
  • (The mouse said), “A slap (given) in cash (immediately) is better than a donation (paid) on credit (hereafter): lo, I put the nape of my neck before thee: give (me) the cash!
  • خاصه آن سیلی که از دست توست  ** که قفا و سیلیش مست توست 
  • Especially as the slap is from thy hand, for both the nape and the slap inflicted on it are intoxicated (enraptured) with thee.
  • هین بیا ای جان جان و صد جهان  ** خوش غنیمت دار نقد این زمان 
  • Hark, come, O soul of my soul and (O thou who art the soul) of a hundred worlds, gladly take the opportunity of (seizing) the cash of this (present) moment.
  • در مدزد آن روی مه از شب روان  ** سرمکش زین جوی ای آب روان  2720
  • Do not stealthily remove thy moon-like face from the night-travellers, do not withdraw thyself from this river-bed, O flowing water,
  • تا لب جو خندد از آب معین  ** لب لب جو سر برآرد یاسمین 
  • (But flow) in order that the river-bank may laugh (may be made to blossom) by the running water, and that jasmines may rear their heads on each brim of the river.”
  • چون ببینی بر لب جو سبزه مست  ** پس بدان از دور که آنجا آب هست 
  • When you see that verdure is fresh on the river-brim, then (you may) know (even) from afar that water is there.
  • گفت سیماهم وجوه کردگار  ** که بود غماز باران سبزه‌زار 
  • The Maker hath said, “Their mark is (on) their faces,” for the verdant orchard tells a tale of rain.