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  • تا به هم در مرجها بازی کنیم  ** ما درین دعوت امین و محسنیم 
  • That we may play together in the meadows? In (making) this request we are trustworthy and beneficent”—
  • گفت این دانم که نقلش از برم  ** می‌فروزد در دلم درد و سقم  2755
  • Did not he (Jacob) say (to them), “I know this, that (the thought of) his being removed from me is kindling grief and sickness in my heart;
  • این دلم هرگز نمی‌گوید دروغ  ** که ز نور عرش دارد دل فروغ 
  • This heart of mine never lies, for my heart is illumined by the light of the highest heaven”?
  • آن دلیل قاطعی بد بر فساد  ** وز قضا آن را نکرد او اعتداد 
  • That (foreboding) was a decisive proof of (their) wickedness, but by (Divine) destiny he took no account (of it).
  • در گذشت از وی نشانی آن‌چنان  ** که قضا در فلسفه بود آن زمان 
  • An intimation like that passed away from him (from his mind), because Destiny was at that moment (engaged) in (putting into operation the Divine) philosophy.
  • این عجب نبود که کور افتد به چاه  ** بوالعجب افتادن بینای راه 
  • ’Tis no wonder that a blind man should fall into a pit, (but) the falling of one who can see the way is beyond all wonder.
  • این قضا را گونه گون تصریفهاست  ** چشم‌بندش یفعل‌الله ما یشاست  2760
  • This Destiny employs diverse shifts: its eye-binding spell is God doeth what He pleaseth.
  • هم بداند هم نداند دل فنش  ** موم گردد بهر آن مهر آهنش 
  • The heart knows and yet knows not its (Destiny's) artfulness: its (hard) iron becomes (soft) as wax for the seal.
  • گوییی دل گویدی که میل او  ** چون درین شد هرچه افتد باش گو 
  • ’Tis as though the heart should say (to itself), “Since its (Destiny's) inclination is turned to (bringing) this (to pass), whatever may happen, let it come!”