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  • هر گلی که اندر دل او گوهریست  ** گوهرش غماز طین دیگریست 
  • Every piece of clay in the heart of which there is a pearl—its pearl can tell the secrets of another (piece of) clay;
  • وان گلی کز رش حق نوری نیافت  ** صحبت گلهای پر در بر نتافت 
  • While the clay that has not been illumined by God's sprinkling (of light) cannot bear the companionship of the pieces of clay that are filled with pearls.
  • این سخن پایان ندارد موش ما  ** هست بر لبهای جو بر گوش ما  2940
  • This topic is endless, (and meanwhile) our mouse on the bank of the river is (waiting) on our ear (attention).
  • رجوع کردن به قصه‌ی طلب کردن آن موش آن چغز را لب‌لب جو و کشیدن سر رشته تا چغز را در آب خبر شود از طلب او 
  • Return to the Story of the mouse seeking the frog on the river-bank and pulling the string in order that the frog in the water might become aware of his seeking him.
  • آن سرشته‌ی عشق رشته می‌کشد  ** بر امید وصل چغز با رشد 
  • That (creature) moulded of love is pulling the string in hope of being united with the righteous frog.
  • می‌تند بر رشته‌ی دل دم به دم  ** که سر رشته به دست آورده‌ام 
  • He is perpetually harping on the heart-string, saying, “I have got the end of the string in my paw.
  • هم‌چو تاری شد دل و جان در شهود  ** تا سر رشته به من رویی نمود 
  • My heart and soul have become as (frail as) a thread in contemplation, ever since the end of the string (the prospect of success) showed itself to me.”
  • خود غراب البین آمد ناگهان  ** بر شکار موش و بردش زان مکان 
  • But suddenly the raven of separation came to chase the mouse and carried it off from that spot.
  • چون بر آمد بر هوا موش از غراب  ** منسحب شد چغز نیز از قعر آب  2945
  • When the mouse was taken up into the air by the raven, the frog too was dragged from the bottom of the water.
  • موش در منقار زاغ و چغز هم  ** در هوا آویخته پا در رتم 
  • The mouse (was) in the raven's beak, and the frog likewise (was) suspended in the air, (with) its foot (entangled) in the string.
  • خلق می‌گفتند زاغ از مکر و کید  ** چغز آبی را چگونه کرد صید 
  • The people were saying, “How could the raven make the water-frog its prey by craft and cunning?