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  • جان چو مور و تن چو دانه‌ی گندمی  ** می‌کشاند سو به سویش هر دمی  2955
  • The spirit is like an ant, and the body like a grain of wheat which it (the ant) carries to and fro continually.
  • مور داند کان حبوب مرتهن  ** مستحیل و جنس من خواهد شدن 
  • The ant knows that the grains of which it has taken charge will be changed and become homogeneous with it.
  • آن یکی موری گرفت از راه جو  ** مور دیگر گندمی بگرفت و دو 
  • One ant picks up (a grain of) barley on the road, another ant picks up a grain of wheat and runs away.
  • جو سوی گندم نمی‌تازد ولی  ** مور سوی مور می‌آید بلی 
  • The barley does not hurry to the wheat, but the ant comes to the ant; yes (it does).
  • رفتن جو سوی گندم تابعست  ** مور را بین که به جنسش راجعست 
  • The going of the barley to the wheat is (merely) consequential: (’tis) the ant, mark you, (that) returns to its congener.
  • تو مگو گندم چرا شد سوی جو  ** چشم را بر خصم نه نی بر گرو  2960
  • Do not say, “Why did the wheat go to the barley?” Fix your eye on the holder, not on that which he holds in pawn.
  • مور اسود بر سر لبد سیاه  ** مور پنهان دانه پیدا پیش راه 
  • (As when) a black ant (moves along) on a black felt cloth: the ant is hidden (from view), (only) the grain is visible on its way,
  • عقل گوید چشم را نیکو نگر  ** دانه هرگز کی رود بی دانه‌بر 
  • (But) Reason says, “Look well to your eye: when does a grain ever go along without a grain-bearer?”
  • زین سبب آمد سوی اصحاب کلب  ** هست صورتها حبوب و مور قلب 
  • (’Twas) on this account (that) the dog came to the Companions (of the Cave): the (outward) forms are (like) the grains, while the heart (spirit) is (like) the ant.
  • زان شود عیسی سوی پاکان چرخ  ** بد قفس‌ها مختلف یک جنس فرخ 
  • Hence Jesus goes (ascends) to the holy ones of Heaven: the cages (bodies) were diverse, (but) the young birds (spirits) were of the same kind.