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  • روبهی که هست زان شیرانش پشت  ** بشکند کله‌ی پلنگان را به مشت 
  • The fox that is backed by those lions will break the skulls of the leopards with his fist.
  • آمدن جعفر رضی الله عنه به گرفتن قلعه به تنهایی و مشورت کردن ملک آن قلعه در دفع او و گفتن آن وزیر ملک را کی زنهار تسلیم کن و از جهل تهور مکن کی این مرد میدست و از حق جمعیت عظیم دارد در جان خویش الی آخره 
  • How Ja‘far, may God be well-pleased with him, advanced alone to capture a fortress, and how the king of the fortress consulted (his vizier) as to the means of repelling him, and how the vizier said to the king, “Beware! Surrender (it) and do not be so foolhardy as to hurl thyself upon him; for this man is (Divinely) aided and possesses in his soul a great collectedness (derived) from God,” etc.
  • چونک جعفر رفت سوی قلعه‌ای  ** قلعه پیش کام خشکش جرعه‌ای 
  • When Ja‘far advanced against a certain fortress, the fortress (seemed) to his dry palate (to be no more than) a single gulp.
  • یک سواره تاخت تا قلعه بکر  ** تا در قلعه ببستند از حذر  3030
  • Riding alone, he charged up to the fortress, so that they (the garrison) locked the fortress-gate in dread.
  • زهره نه کس را که پیش آید به جنگ  ** اهل کشتی را چه زهره با نهنگ 
  • No one dared to meet him in battle: what stomach have the ship's crew (to contend) with a leviathan?
  • روی آورد آن ملک سوی وزیر  ** که چه چاره‌ست اندرین وقت ای مشیر 
  • The king turned to his vizier, saying, “What is to be done in this crisis, Counsellor?”
  • گفت آنک ترک گویی کبر و فن  ** پیش او آیی به شمشیر و کفن 
  • He replied, “(The only remedy is) that you should bid farewell to pride and cunning, and come to him with sword and shroud.”
  • گفت آخر نه یکی مردیست فرد  ** گفت منگر خوار در فردی مرد 
  • “Why,” said the king, “is not he a single man (and) alone?” He (the vizier) replied, “Do not look with contempt on the man's loneliness.
  • چشم بگشا قلعه را بنگر نکو  ** هم‌چو سیمابست لرزان پیش او  3035
  • Open your eye: look well at the fortress: it is trembling before him like quicksilver.
  • شسته در زین آن‌چنان محکم‌پیست  ** گوییا شرقی و غربی با ویست 
  • He sits (alone) on the saddle, (but) his nerve is just as unshaken as if an (army of the) East and West were accompanying him.
  • چند کس هم‌چون فدایی تاختند  ** خویشتن را پیش او انداختند 
  • Several men rushed forward, like Fidá’ís (desperate assassins), and flung themselves into combat with him.