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  • گرچه بر آتش‌زنه‌ی دل می‌زند  ** آن ستاره‌ش را کف حق می‌کشد 
  • Though he strikes the match of his heart, the Hand of God is always extinguishing the star (spark).
  • قصه‌ای هم در تقریر این 
  • A Story in further exposition of this.
  • شرفه‌ای بشنید در شب معتمد  ** برگرفت آتش‌زنه که آتش زند 
  • A man of trust heard a sound of footsteps (in his house) during the night: he took up the fire-lighter to strike a flame.
  • دزد آمد آن زمان پیشش نشست  ** چون گرفت آن سوخته می‌کرد پست 
  • At that (same) moment the thief came and sat down beside him, and whenever the tinder caught (fire) he put it out,
  • می‌نهاد آنجا سر انگشت را  ** تا شود استاره‌ی آتش فنا 
  • Laying the tip of his finger on the place, in order that the fiery star (spark) might vanish.
  • خواجه می‌پنداشت کز خود می‌مرد  ** این نمی‌دید او که دزدش می‌کشد  360
  • The Khwája thought it was dying of itself: he didn't see that the thief was extinguishing it.
  • خواجه گفت این سوخته نمناک بود  ** می‌مرد استاره از تریش زود 
  • The Khwája said, “This tinder was moist: on account of its wetness the star (spark) is dying at once.”
  • بس که ظلمت بود و تاریکی ز پیش  ** می‌ندید آتش‌کشی را پیش خویش 
  • As there was great mirk and darkness in front (of him), he didn't see a fire-extinguisher beside him.
  • این چنین آتش‌کشی اندر دلش  ** دیده‌ی کافر نبیند از عمش 
  • (So) the infidel's eye, because of (its) dimness, does not see a similar fire-extinguisher in his heart.
  • چون نمی‌داند دل داننده‌ای  ** هست با گردنده گرداننده‌ای 
  • How is the heart of any knowing person ignorant (that) with the moving (object) there is (necessarily) a mover?
  • چون نمی‌گویی که روز و شب به خود  ** بی‌خداوندی کی آید کی رود  365
  • Why don't you say (to yourself), “How should day and night come and go of themselves without a Lord?”