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  • در میان خانه افتاد او دراز  ** خلق انبه گرد او آمد فراز 
  • He fell (and lay) at full length in the middle of the room: a crowd of people gathered round him.
  • با خود آمد گفت ای بحر خوشی  ** ای نهاده هوش‌ها در بیهشی 
  • (When) he came to himself, he said, “O Sea of bliss, O Thou who hast stored (transcendental) forms of consciousness in unconsciousness,
  • خواب در بنهاده‌ای بیداریی  ** بسته‌ای در بی‌دلی دلداریی 
  • Thou hast stored a wakefulness in sleep, Thou hast fastened (attached) a dominion over the heart to the state of one who has lost his heart.
  • توانگری پنهان کنی در ذل فقر  ** طوق دولت بسته اندر غل فقر 
  • Thou dost conceal riches in the lowliness of poverty, Thou dost fasten the necklace of wealth to the iron collar of poverty.”
  • ضد اندر ضد پنهان مندرج  ** آتش اندر آب سوزان مندرج  3570
  • Contrary is secretly enclosed in contrary: fire is enclosed in boiling water.
  • روضه اندر آتش نمرود درج  ** دخل‌ها رویان شده از بذل و خرج 
  • A (delightful) garden is enclosed in Nimrod's fire: revenues grow from giving and spending;
  • تا بگفته مصطفی شاه نجاح  ** السماح یا اولی النعمی رباح 
  • So that Mustafá (Mohammed), the King of prosperity, has said, “O possessors of wealth, munificence is a gainful trade.”
  • ما نقص مال من الصدقات قط  ** انما الخیرات نعم المرتبط 
  • Riches were never diminished by alms-giving: in sooth, acts of charity are an excellent means of attaching (wealth) to one's self.
  • جوشش و افزونی زر در زکات  ** عصمت از فحشا و منکر در صلات 
  • In the poor-tax is (involved) the overflow and increase of (one's) gold: in the ritual prayer is (involved) preservation from lewdness and iniquity.
  • آن زکاتت کیسه‌ات را پاسبان  ** وآن صلاتت هم ز گرگانت شبان  3575
  • The poor-tax is the keeper of your purse, the ritual prayer is the shepherd who saves you from the wolves.