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  • هم‌چو اسپاه مغل بر آسمان  ** تیر می‌انداز دفع نزع جان 
  • Like the Mongol soldiery, shoot an arrow at Heaven to prevent your soul being torn (from your body)!
  • یا گریز از وی اگر توانی برو  ** چون روی چون در کف اویی گرو  375
  • Or flee from Him, if you can, and go (your way); (but) how can you go, since you are a pawn in His hand?
  • در عدم بودی نرستی از کفش  ** از کف او چون رهی ای دست‌خوش 
  • (When) you were in non-existence, you did not escape from His hand: how will you escape from His hand (now), O helpless one?
  • آرزو جستن بود بگریختن  ** پیش عدلش خون تقوی ریختن 
  • To seek (one's own) desire is to flee (from God) and shed the blood of piety in the presence of His justice.
  • این جهان دامست و دانه‌آرزو  ** در گریز از دامها روی آر زو 
  • This world is a trap, and desire is its bait: flee from the traps, quickly turn your face (towards God).
  • چون چنین رفتی بدیدی صد گشاد  ** چون شدی در ضد آن دیدی فساد 
  • When you have gone this way, you have enjoyed a hundred (spiritual) blessings; when you have gone the opposite way, you have fared ill.
  • پس پیمبر گفت استفتوا القلوب  ** گر چه مفتیتان برون گوید خطوب  380
  • Therefore the Prophet said, “Consult your hearts, though the mufti outside gives you advice in (worldly) affairs.”
  • آرزو بگذار تا رحم آیدش  ** آزمودی که چنین می‌بایدش 
  • Abandon desire, in order that He may have mercy (on you): you have found by experience that such (renunciation) is required by Him.
  • چون نتانی جست پس خدمت کنش  ** تا روی از حبس او در گلشنش 
  • Since you cannot escape, do service to Him, that you may go from His prison into His rose-garden.
  • دم به دم چون تو مراقب می‌شوی  ** داد می‌بینی و داور ای غوی 
  • When you keep watch (over your thoughts and actions) continually, you are always seeing the (Divine) justice and the (Divine) Judge, O misguided man;