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  • پس به معنی می‌روی تا لامکان  ** که خوشی غیر مکانست و زمان 
  • Therefore you are really going to that which has no locality, for pleasure is (something) different from place and time.
  • صورت یاری که سوی او شوی  ** از برای مونسی‌اش می‌روی 
  • (Suppose it is) the form of a friend to whom you would go: you are going for the sake of enjoying his society;
  • پس بمعنی سوی بی‌صورت شدی  ** گرچه زان مقصود غافل آمدی 
  • Therefore in reality you go to the formless (world), though you are unaware of that (being the) object (of your journey).
  • پس حقیقت حق بود معبود کل  ** کز پی ذوقست سیران سبل  3755
  • In truth, then, God is worshipped by all, since (all) wayfaring is for the sake of the pleasure (of which He is the source).
  • لیک بعضی رو سوی دم کرده‌اند  ** گرچه سر اصلست سر گم کرده‌اند 
  • But some have set their face towards the tail and have lost the Head, although the Head is the principal;
  • لیک آن سر پیش این ضالان گم  ** می‌دهد داد سری از راه دم 
  • But (nevertheless) that Head is bestowing on these lost and erring ones the bounty proper to Headship by way of the tail.
  • آن ز سر می‌یابد آن داد این ز دم  ** قوم دیگر پا و سر کردند گم 
  • That one obtains the bounty from the Head, this one from the tail; another company (of mystics) have lost (both) foot and head.
  • چونک گم شد جمله جمله یافتند  ** از کم آمد سوی کل بشتافتند 
  • Since all has been lost, they have gained all: through dwindling away (to naught) they have sped towards the Whole.
  • دیدن ایشان در قصر این قلعه‌ی ذات الصور نقش روی دختر شاه چین را و بیهوش شدن هر سه و در فتنه افتادن و تفحص کردن کی این صورت کیست 
  • How in the pavilion of the fortress adorned with pictures they (the princes) saw a portrait of the daughter of the King of China and how all three lost their senses and fell into distraction and made inquiries, asking, “Whose portrait is this?”
  • این سخن پایان ندارد آن گروه  ** صورتی دیدند با حسن و شکوه  3760
  • This topic is endless. The company (of three) espied a beauteous and majestic portrait.
  • خوب‌تر زان دیده بودند آن فریق  ** لیک زین رفتند در بحر عمیق 
  • The (travelling) party had seen (pictures) more beautiful than that, but at (the sight of) this one they were plunged in the deep sea,