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  • غیر دنیا پس چه باشد آخرت  ** کت کند زینجا و باشد رهبرت 
  • What, then, is other than the present world? The next world, (the knowledge of) which will take you away from here and be your guide (to God).
  • بحث کردن آن سه شه‌زاده در تدبیر آن واقعه 
  • How the three princes discussed the (best) plan to adopt in view of what had occurred.
  • رو به هم کردند هر سه مفتتن  ** هر سه را یک رنج و یک درد و حزن 
  • The three afflicted ones put their heads together: all three felt the same grief and pain and sorrow.
  • هر سه در یک فکر و یک سودا ندیم  ** هر سه از یک رنج و یک علت سقیم 
  • All three were comrades in one meditation and one passion; all three were sick with one disease and one malady.
  • در خموشی هر سه را خطرت یکی  ** در سخن هم هر سه را حجت یکی 
  • At the time of silence all three had one thought; at the time of speech, too, all three had one argument.
  • یک زمانی اشک‌ریزان جمله‌شان  ** بر سر خوان مصیبت خون‌فشان  3890
  • At one moment they all were shedding tears and weeping blood on the dining-table of calamity;
  • یک زمان از آتش دل هر سه کس  ** بر زده با سوز چون مجمر نفس 
  • At another moment all three, from the fire in their hearts, heaved burning sighs as (hot as) a chafing-pan.
  • مقالت برادر بزرگین 
  • The discourse of the eldest brother.
  • آن بزرگین گفت ای اخوان خیر  ** ما نه نر بودیم اندر نصح غیر 
  • The eldest said, “O men of probity, were not we masculine (vigorous and bold) in giving counsel to others?
  • از حشم هر که به ما کردی گله  ** از بلا و فقر و خوف و زلزله 
  • Whenever one of the (King's) retainers complained to us of affliction and poverty and fear and agitation,
  • ما همی‌گفتیم کم نال از حرج  ** صبر کن کالصبر مفتاح الفرج 
  • We used to say, ‘Do not bewail thy hardships: be patient, for patience (fortitude) is the key to relief from pain.’
  • این کلید صبر را اکنون چه شد  ** ای عجب منسوخ شد قانون چه شد  3895
  • What has become now of this key, (namely) fortitude? Wonderful! The rule (which we laid down for others) is null and void (for us): what has become of it?