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  • دانه گم شد آنگهی او تین بود  ** تا نمردی زر ندادم این بود 
  • The seed is lost (in the earth): (only) then does it become a fig-tree. This is (the meaning of) “I did not give (you) the money till you died.”
  • بعد مکث ایشان متواری در بلاد چین در شهر تختگاه و بعد دراز شدن صبر بی‌صبر شدن آن بزرگین کی من رفتم الوداع خود را بر شاه عرضه کنم اما قدمی تنیلنی مقصودی او القی راسی کفادی ثم یا پای رساندم به مقصود و مراد یا سر بنهم هم‌چو دل از دست آن‌جا و نصیحت برادران او را سود ناداشتن یا عاذل العاشقین دع فة اضلها الله کیف ترشدها الی آخره 
  • How, after they had stayed in hiding and tarried patiently for a long while in the capital of China, where the Emperor was enthroned, the eldest (brother) lost patience and said, “Farewell! I will go and present myself to the King. Either my feet will bring me to the object of my quest, or I will lose my head there as (I have already lost) my heart”— (The Persian translation of this Arabic verse is): “Either my feet will bring me to the object of my quest and desire, or I will give away my head there as (I have given away) my heart”— and how the good advice of his brothers was of no avail. “O thou that chidest those in love, let them alone! How shouldst thou direct a band which God has led astray?” And so forth.
  • آن بزرگین گفت ای اخوان من  ** ز انتظار آمد به لب این جان من 
  • The eldest (brother) said, “O my brethren, from waiting (so long) this soul of mine is on the verge (of leaving my body).
  • لا ابالی گشته‌ام صبرم نماند  ** مر مرا این صبر در آتش نشاند  4055
  • I have become reckless, I can endure no more: this endurance has set me on fire.
  • طاقت من زین صبوری طاق شد  ** راقعه‌ی من عبرت عشاق شد 
  • My strength is exhausted by this fortitude: my plight is a warning to (all) lovers.
  • من ز جان سیر آمدم اندر فراق  ** زنده بودن در فراق آمد نفاق 
  • I am weary of my life in separation (from the beloved): ’tis hypocrisy to be alive in separation.
  • چند درد فرقتش بکشد مرا  ** سر ببر تا عشق سر بخشد مرا 
  • How long will the anguish of separation from her be killing me? Cut off my head, in order that Love may give me a (new) head.
  • دین من از عشق زنده بودنست  ** زندگی زین جان و سر ننگ منست 
  • My religion is, to be (kept) alive by Love: life (derived) from this (animal) soul and head is a disgrace to me.
  • تیغ هست از جان عاشق گردروب  ** زانک سیف افتاد محاء الذنوب  4060
  • The sword (of Love) sweeps the dust away from the lover's soul, because the sword is a wiper-out of sins.
  • چون غبار تن بشد ماهم بتافت  ** ماه جان من هوای صاف یافت 
  • When the bodily dust is gone, my moon shines: my spirit's moon finds a clear sky.
  • عمرها بر طبل عشقت ای صنم  ** ان فی متی حیاتی می‌زنم 
  • For ages, O adored one, I have been beating the drum of love for thee (to the tune of) ‘Lo, my life depends on my dying.’