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  • خون کند زید و قصاص او به عمر  ** می خورد عمرو و بر احمد حد خمر 
  • Does Zayd commit murder, and the retaliation for which he is liable fall upon ‘Amr? Does ‘Amr drink wine, and the penalty for wine(-drinking) fall upon Ahmad?
  • گرد خود برگرد و جرم خود ببین  ** جنبش از خود بین و از سایه مبین  415
  • Circle round yourself and perceive your sin: perceive that the movement proceeds from the sun and do not regard it as proceeding from the shadow;
  • که نخواهد شد غلط پاداش میر  ** خصم را می‌داند آن میر بصیر 
  • For the Lord's retribution will not err: that sagacious Lord knows the guilty one.
  • چون عسل خوردی نیامد تب به غیر  ** مزد روز تو نیامد شب به غیر 
  • When you have eaten (too much) honey, the fever (caused by it) does not come to (does not attack) another; your day's wages do not come at nightfall to another.
  • در چه کردی جهد کان وا تو نگشت  ** تو چه کاریدی که نامد ریع کشت 
  • In what (work) have you exerted yourself without its returning to you (in some form) What have you sown without the produce of the seed coming (back to you)?
  • فعل تو که زاید از جان و تنت  ** هم‌چو فرزندت بگیرد دامنت 
  • Your action that is born of your soul and body clings to your skirt, like your (own) child.
  • فعل را در غیب صورت می‌کنند  ** فعل دزدی را نه داری می‌زنند  420
  • In the Unseen World the action is given a form (corresponding to its nature): is not a gallows erected (in retribution) for the act of robbery?
  • دار کی ماند به دزدی لیک آن  ** هست تصویر خدای غیب‌دان 
  • How should the gallows resemble robbery? But that is the form given (to robbery) by God who knoweth things unseen,
  • در دل شحنه چو حق الهام داد  ** که چنین صورت بساز از بهر داد 
  • Since God inspired the prefect's heart to make such a form for justice' sake.
  • تا تو عالم باشی و عادل قضا  ** نامناسب چون دهد داد و سزا 
  • So long as you are wise and just, how should Destiny deal justice and give retribution not in accordance (with your actions)?