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  • گفت بد موقوف این لت لوت من  ** آب حیوان بود در حانوت من  4325
  • He said, “My food (fortune) depended on (my suffering) these blows: the Water of life was in my shop (all the time).
  • رو که بر لوت شگرفی بر زدم  ** کوری آن وهم که مفلس بدم 
  • Begone, for I have met with a great piece of fortune, to confound the idea that I was destitute.
  • خواه احمق‌دان مرا خواهی فرو  ** آن من شد هرچه می‌خواهی بگو 
  • Deem me foolish or contemptible as you please: it (the treasure) is mine, say what you like.
  • من مراد خویش دیدم بی‌گمان  ** هرچه خواهی گو مرا ای بددهان 
  • Beyond doubt I have seen my wish (fulfilled): call me anything you please, O foul-mouthed one!
  • تو مرا پر درد گو ای محتشم  ** پیش تو پر درد و پیش خود خوشم 
  • Call me sorrowful, O respected sir: in your view I am sorrowful, but in my view I am happy.
  • وای اگر بر عکس بودی این مطار  ** پیش تو گلزار و پیش خویش راز  4330
  • Alas, if the case had been reversed (and if I had been like) a rose-garden in your view and miserable in my own!”
  • مثل 
  • Parable.
  • گفت با درویش روزی یک خسی  ** که ترا این‌جا نمی‌داند کسی 
  • One day a base fellow said to a dervish, “Thou art unknown to any one here.”
  • گفت او گر می‌نداند عامیم  ** خویش را من نیک می‌دانم کیم 
  • He replied, “If the vulgar do not know me, I know very well who I am.
  • وای اگر بر عکس بودی درد و ریش  ** او بدی بینای من من کور خویش 
  • Alas, if the pain and sore (the spiritual malady) had been reversed (bestowed contrariwise) and he (the vulgar man) had seen me (as I really am), while I was blind to myself!”
  • احمقم گیر احمقم من نیک‌بخت  ** بخت بهتر از لجاج و روی سخت 
  • (The treasure-seeker said), “Suppose I am a fool, I am a lucky fool: luck is better than perversity and a hard (impudent) face.