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  • نیست مخفی در نماز آن مکرمت  ** در گنه خلعت نهد آن مغفرت  4345
  • That (Divine) bounty is not mysterious in (the case of) piety; (but) the (Divine) Forgiveness bestows a robe of honour (even) in (the case of) sin.
  • منکران را قصد اذلال ثقات  ** ذل شده عز و ظهور معجزات 
  • The unbelievers sought to abase those (the prophets) who were worthy of trust: (that) abasement became exaltation and (the cause of) miracles being displayed.
  • قصدشان ز انکار ذل دین بده  ** عین ذل عز رسولان آمده 
  • In their unbelief they attempted to abase the (true) religion: that very abasement was turned to glory for the prophets.
  • گر نه انکار آمدی از هر بدی  ** معجزه و برهان چرا نازل شدی 
  • Unless every wicked man had shown unbelief, wherefore should evidentiary miracles have appeared?
  • خصم منکر تا نشد مصداق‌خواه  ** کی کند قاضی تقاضای گواه 
  • How should a judge require (a litigant to give) evidence until his disbelieving, opponent has demanded proof of his veracity?
  • معجزه هم‌چون گواه آمد زکی  ** بهر صدق مدعی در بی‌شکی  4350
  • The miracle (performed by a prophet) is like an honest witness to the indubitable veracity of the claimant.
  • طعن چون می‌آمد از هر ناشناخت  ** معجزه می‌داد حق و می‌نواخت 
  • Since they (the prophets) were being attacked by every ignoramus, God bestowed on them the gift of miracles and showed them favour.
  • مکر آن فرعون سیصد تو بده  ** جمله ذل او و قمع او شده 
  • The plots of Pharaoh were three-hundredfold: all (of them) became (the means to) his abasement and subjugation.
  • ساحران آورده حاضر نیک و بد  ** تا که جرح معجزه‌ی موسی کند 
  • He brought magicians, good and bad, into his presence in order that he might invalidate the miracles of Moses,
  • تا عصا را باطل و رسوا کند  ** اعتبارش را ز دلها بر کند 
  • That he might nullify the rod (of Moses) and put it to shame and remove from (men's) hearts the respect (which they had) for it.