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  • نیست مخفی وصل اندر پرورش  ** ساحران را وصل داد او در برش 
  • There is nothing mysterious in the favour shown (by God) while cherishing (His lovers), (but) He bestowed His favour on the magicians in the amputation (of their hands and feet).
  • نیست مخفی سیر با پای روا  ** ساحران را سیر بین در قطع پا 
  • There is nothing mysterious in journeying with feet that move, but look at the journey of the magicians when their feet had been cut off!
  • عارفان زانند دایم آمنون  ** که گذر کردند از دریای خون 
  • The knowers of God are safe for ever because they have passed through a sea of blood.
  • امنشان از عین خوف آمد پدید  ** لاجرم باشند هر دم در مزید  4365
  • Safety appeared to them from the very midst of terror; consequently they are always in a state of increase (of safety).
  • امن دیدی گشته در خوفی خفی  ** خوف بین هم در امیدی ای حفی 
  • You have seen that safety is concealed in a (state of) fear (danger): O excellent man, observe also that fear (danger) is (lurking) in a (state of) hope.
  • آن امیر از مکر بر عیسی تند  ** عیسی اندر خانه رو پنهان کند 
  • A certain Amír cunningly shadows Jesus: Jesus hides himself in the house.
  • اندر آید تا شود او تاجدار  ** خود ز شبه عیسی آید تاج‌دار 
  • He (the Amír) enters in order that he may (seize him and) wear the crown (of sovereignty): because of his likeness to Jesus he himself becomes the crown of the gibbet.
  • هی می‌آویزید من عیسی نیم  ** من امیرم بر جهودان خوش‌پیم 
  • (He cries out), “Oh, do not hang me: I am not Jesus, I am the Amír, I am well-disposed to the Jews.”
  • زوترش بردار آویزید کو  ** عیسی است از دست ما تخلیط‌جو  4370
  • “Hang him on the gibbet,” (cry the Jews), “with all speed, for he is Jesus: (he is) seeking to escape from our hands by personating another.”
  • چند لشکر می‌رود تا بر خورد  ** برگ او فی گردد و بر سر خورد 
  • How often does an army march (hoping) to enjoy the fruits (of victory): its equipment becomes spoil (for the enemy), and it is overthrown.