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  • از جهاز ابرهه هم‌چون دده  ** آن فقیران عرب توانگر شده 
  • Those poor Arabs were enriched by the equipment and baggage of (the host of) Abraha, (who was) like a wild beast.
  • او گمان برده که لشکر می‌کشید  ** بهر اهل بیت او زر می‌کشید 
  • He thought that he was bringing an army (against the Ka‘ba): (in fact) he was bringing gold for the defenders of the House.
  • اندرین فسخ عزایم وین همم  ** در تماشا بود در ره هر قدم 
  • He (the treasure-seeker) was (occupied), every step of the way, in contemplating this (wondrous) annulment of fixed purposes and ambitions.
  • خانه آمد گنج را او باز یافت  ** کارش از لطف خدایی ساز یافت  4385
  • (When) he came home, he discovered the treasure: by Divine grace his fortune was restored.
  • مکرر کردن برادران پند دادن بزرگین را و تاب ناآوردن او آن پند را و در رمیدن او ازیشان شیدا و بی‌خود رفتن و خود را در بارگاه پادشاه انداختن بی‌دستوری خواستن لیک از فرط عشق و محبت نه از گستاخی و لاابالی الی آخره 
  • How the (two) brothers repeated their advice to the eldest, and how he was unable to endure it and ran away from them and went off, frenzied and beside himself, and rushed into the King's audience-chamber without asking permission; but (this was) from excess of passionate love, not from disrespect and recklessness, etc.
  • آن دو گفتندش که اندر جان ما  ** هست پاسخ‌ها چو نجم اندر سما 
  • The two (brothers) said to him, “In our souls are answers (to thy arguments), like stars in the sky.
  • گر نگوییم آن نیاید راست نرد  ** ور بگوییم آن دلت آید به درد 
  • Unless we (answer and) speak, the game will not come out right; and if we speak, thy heart will be grieved.
  • هم‌چو چغزیم اندر آب از گفت الم  ** وز خموشی اختناقست و سقم 
  • We are like frogs in the water: ’tis painful to speak, while the result of silence is suffocation and illness.
  • گر نگوییم آتشی را نور نیست  ** ور بگوییم آن سخن دستور نیست 
  • If we speak not, (our) friendship (with thee) has no light (of truth); and if we speak, ’tis without leave (from thee).”
  • در زمان برجست کای خویشان وداع  ** انما الدنیا و ما فیها متاع  4390
  • Straightway he sprang up, crying, “Farewell, O kinsmen: verily this world and all therein is but a passing enjoyment,”
  • پس برون جست او چو تیری از کمان  ** که مجال گفت کم بود آن زمان 
  • And darted away like an arrow from the bow, so that there was no opportunity (for them) to speak at that time.