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  • ای گواره خانه را ضیق مدار  ** تا تواند کرد بالغ انتشار 
  • O cradle, do not incommode the house (but let there be room), so that the grown-up man can move freely.
  • وسوسه‌ای کی پادشاه‌زاده را پیدا شد از سبب استغنایی و کشفی کی از شاه دل او را حاصل شده بود و قصد ناشکری و سرکشی می‌کرد شاه را از راه الهام و سر شاه را خبر شد دلش درد کرد روح او را زخمی زد چنانک صورت شاه را خبر نبود الی آخره 
  • (Concerning) the vicious distempered thoughts that arose in the prince in consequence of the (spiritual) self-sufficiency and illumination with which his heart had been endowed by the King: how he proceeded to show ingratitude and rebelliousness, and how the King, being made aware of it in an inspired and mysterious manner, was pained at heart and, though outwardly unconscious (of it), dealt his (the prince's) spirit a (mortal) wound, etc.
  • چون مسلم گشت بی‌بیع و شری  ** از درون شاه در جانش جری 
  • When from the inward nature of the King the (spiritual) allowance was paid over, without sale or purchase, into his (the prince's) soul,
  • قوت می‌خوردی ز نور جان شاه  ** ماه جانش هم‌چو از خورشید ماه  4760
  • His moon-like soul was feeding on the light of the King's soul as the moon (feeds) on (the light of) the sun,
  • راتبه‌ی جانی ز شاه بی‌ندید  ** دم به دم در جان مستش می‌رسید 
  • And the spiritual ration from the peerless King was arriving in his intoxicated soul at every moment.
  • آن نه که ترسا و مشرک می‌خورند  ** زان غذایی که ملایک می‌خورند 
  • ’Twas not that (material food) which polytheists and Christians eat, (but) part of the (spiritual) food which the angels eat.
  • اندرون خویش استغنا بدید  ** گشت طغیانی ز استغنا پدید 
  • He felt self-sufficiency within himself, and from self-sufficiency emerged a feeling of insolent pride.
  • که نه من هم شاه و هم شه‌زاده‌ام  ** چون عنان خود بدین شه داده‌ام 
  • “Am not I,” said he, “both a king and a king's son? How have I let this King take control of me?
  • چون مرا ماهی بر آمد با لمع  ** من چرا باشم غباری را تبع  4765
  • Now that a resplendent moon has risen for me, why should I be following a (cloud of) dust?
  • آب در جوی منست و وقت ناز  ** ناز غیر از چه کشم من بی‌نیاز 
  • The water is (running) in my river-bed, and ’tis time to show disdain: wherefore should I who want nothing endure disdain from another?
  • سر چرا بندم چو درد سر نماند  ** وقت روی زرد و چشم تر نماند 
  • Why should I bandage my head when my headache is gone? The time for pale face and tearful eye is past.