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  • زین سبب می‌گویم این بنده‌ی فقیر  ** سلسله از گردن سگ برمگیر 
  • For this reason, O poor slave (of God), I am always saying, “Do not remove the chain from the neck of the cur.”
  • گر معلم گشت این سگ هم سگست  ** باش ذلت نفسه کو بدرگست 
  • (Even) if this cur has become a teacher, it is a cur still: be thou one whose carnal soul is abased, for it is evil-natured.
  • فرض می‌آری به جا گر طایفی  ** بر سهیلی چون ادیم طایفی  4860
  • Thou wilt perform thy bounden duty if thou go round about (one like) Suhayl (Canopus, and absorb his light) as Tá’if hide (absorbs the rays),
  • تا سهیلت وا خرد از شر پوست  ** تا شوی چون موزه‌ای هم‌پای دوست 
  • In order that Suhayl may redeem thee from the vices of the skin (corporeality), and that thou mayst fit the foot of the Beloved like a boot.
  • جمله قرآن شرح خبث نفس‌هاست  ** بنگر اندر مصحف آن چشمت کجاست 
  • The entire Qur’án is a description of the viciousness of carnal souls: look into the Holy Book! Where is thine eye?
  • ذکر نفس عادیان کالت بیافت  ** در قتال انبیا مو می‌شکافت 
  • (’Tis) an account of the carnal soul of people like ‘Ád, which (whenever it) found weapons took the utmost pains to combat the prophets.
  • قرن قرن از شوم نفس بی‌ادب  ** ناگهان اندر جهان می‌زد لهب 
  • From generation to generation, the wickedness of the undisciplined carnal soul was the cause of the world being suddenly set on fire (by Divine wrath).
  • رجوع کردن بدان قصه کی شاه‌زاده بدان طغیان زخم خورد از خاطر شاه پیش از استکمال فضایل دیگر از دنیا برفت 
  • Returning to the Story of the prince who was smitten by a (mortal) blow from the heart of the King and departed from this world before he was fully endowed with the other (spiritual) excellences.
  • قصه کوته کن که رای نفس کور  ** برد او را بعد سالی سوی گور  4865
  • Abridge the tale: after a year (had passed) the indignation of that jealous one (the King of China) brought him (the prince) to the grave.
  • شاه چون از محو شد سوی وجود  ** چشم مریخیش آن خون کرده بود 
  • When the King emerged from the state of self-effacement (mahw) into consciousness, (he found that) his martial eye had wrought that bloodshed.
  • چون به ترکش بنگرید آن بی‌نظیر  ** دید کم از ترکشش یک چوبه تیر 
  • When the peerless (King) looked at his quiver he perceived that one arrow was missing from his quiver.