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  • گفت صدق دل بباید کار را  ** ورنه یاران کم نیاید یار را 
  • It (the bird) replied, “Firmness of heart is needed for achievement, but a (firm) friend does not lack friends.
  • یار شو تا یار بینی بی‌عدد  ** زانک بی‌یاران بمانی بی‌مدد 
  • Be a (firm) friend, that you may find friends innumerable; for without friends you will be left helpless.
  • دیو گرگست و تو هم‌چون یوسفی  ** دامن یعقوب مگذار ای صفی 
  • The Devil is a wolf, and you are like Joseph: do not let go Jacob's skirt, O excellent one.
  • گرگ اغلب آنگهی گیرا بود  ** کز رمه شیشک به خود تنها رود  500
  • Generally the wolf seizes (his prey) at the moment when a year-old sheep strays alone by itself from the flock.
  • آنک سنت یا جماعت ترک کرد  ** در چنین مسبع نه خون خویش خورد 
  • He who has abandoned (the performance of) the Sunna with the (Moslem) community, has not he drunk his own blood (exposed himself to destruction) in such a haunt of wild beasts?
  • هست سنت ره جماعت چون رفیق  ** بی‌ره و بی‌یار افتی در مضیق 
  • The Sunna is the (safe) road, and the community are like (your) companions (on the road): without the road and without comrades you will fall into (sore) straits;
  • همرهی نه کو بود خصم خرد  ** فرصتی جوید که جامه‌ی تو برد 
  • (But) not the fellow-traveller who is an enemy to Reason and seeks an opportunity to carry off your clothes,
  • می‌رود با تو که یابد عقبه‌ای  ** که تواند کردت آنجا نهبه‌ای 
  • (And only) goes about with you in order to find a mountain-pass where he can plunder you!
  • یا بود اشتردلی چون دید ترس  ** گوید او بهر رجوع از راه درس  505
  • Nor one who has the (timorous) heart of a camel and, when he feels afraid, instructs (you) to turn back on the road!
  • یار را ترسان کند ز اشتردلی  ** این چنین همره عدو دان نه ولی 
  • By his camel's courage he frightens his comrade: know that such a fellow-traveller is an enemy, not a friend.